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30 Proven Ways to Get Visitors

[bctt tweet=”30 proven ways to get visitors  to your blog,  ideas and suggestions” username=”heartatwork”]all came from the Marketing group for Artists on Facebook.

This was originally written in 2010, ten years later there are so many changes in the social marketing platforms, the basic idea in this post is the same. Be engaged as you are building your audience and friends. Focus on up to 3 platforms at a time. Otherwise the seeds you are planting are not going to be constant.. People are more interested in having ongoing consistent messages, not weeds one day and a good message the next.

1. Use descriptive key words. Hubspot has a great program for this or use Sumo-Power_Words_List. 
2. Keep your website/blog updated – 2-3x per week
3. Do a newsletter and submit it to bookmarking sites, you’ll find them if you use a plug-in like sassy..
4. Participate in forums or groups especially where your patrons hang out.
5. Write articles and post them on article sites, besides your blog
6. Cross promote other people in your community, or form your own group
7. Put your website in your email signature
8. Have a contest – or poll to get feedback from people.
9. Use Social Media Marketing tools like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, a Blog
10. Write a comment to friends, colleagues sites, include your website URL
11. Send out invitations to your site for feedback or for your events
12. Ad words, or PPC
13. Build relationships by staying in touch, whether it’s via newsletter or you have a group that you all can participate in, such as the group on Facebook called Marketing for Artists.
14. Write a book, ask for people’s contact info or post it on
15. Write press releases. Prlog
16. Create a Facebook Fan Page to direct visitors
17. Use Twitter to direct traffic to your blog website
18. Join other groups where your customers hangout
19. as a tool to share your information to your favorite sites
20. Get listed in Google’s Local Business directory Google my business, where you can ask people to leave reviews for you.
21. Upload a presentation to Slideshare with a link back to your site
22. Profile people on your site and ask for comments or links back
23. Do Video’s of your products/services and upload them to Facebook, LinkedIn or  YouTube  
24. Upload pictures to Flicker, Unsplash or other photographic sites
25. Subscribe to newsletters/blogs about marketing to get more ideas
26. Craigslist, list yourself with the products or services you offer
27. Get valid links to your site from targeted traffic
28. Concentrate on building relationships so people will want to share your art or offer to promote you.
29. Offer a free e-book or gift
30. Write great content that people want to return or share it. Discover more tips

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