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5 Things You Must Know About Your Customers

5 things your must know about your customers to respect, hear and honor them to have them happy and refer you!

Customers need to feel validated, this means they have feelings, opinions and considerations. Whether you like them or not they have them and you really need to respect hear and honor them especially when they are dissatisfied with you.

Don’t say whatever or kiss them off.

This just shows how you are not validating or respecting them, this doesn’t mean you have to agree with them.

Each customer may or may not want a deeper relationship with you. In this case stay in touch with them whether you just send them a note, a card or newsletter every quarter.

If they choose not to have a deeper relationship with you find out why. Maybe it’s the timing or they are not sure how they fit into your business. Stay in touch with them, their needs may change over time. Plus, they may know people that can use your services and would enjoy them.

This reminds me of businesses who are in the tourism industry. Why, do I need to stay in touch with my visitors? Think about it? Word of Mouth advertising is certainly a ticket for success.

I was speaking to a gal of whom I really wanted her to buy my services, she acknowledged that she really like the services I  offered, except at this time she didn’t have the means to subscribe to the services.

However, when she felt she was ready I would be the 1st person that she will call. We continued to talk about her project that she was working on and I offered someone else that she could use. (I even thought should I?) Yes, it’s the right thing to do and she really appreciated it.

Be prepared to offer help or something gratis as a marketing tool. For example how many times have you engaged using a service and as soon as they have provide a service or product to you the communication ends? Quite often someone who I have helped and they have paid me for my service – I will still give them a 15-30 minutes of my time to help them with their challenge or problem. My customers will refer me or try to help me in some way.

“Best Steak in Town.” signs are rarely backed up with the best tasting results or after guest service care. Do you have a “we care program” in place after your quest has eaten the Best Steak in Town?

Ready to have happy customers, have more sales and get Word of Mouth buzz? If you want results BE GENEROUS, share, reach out and be valuable. I can help you. Just give me a call.

Ask yourself, what have I done to value my customers lately? Besides saying to them Thanks for coming in or see you again..what else have you done or plan to do. Simple things like Birthday Cards, Anniversary card or special offers just for them.

“Customer retention is very important in business. The reason is because it provides a strong relationship with the customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of a relationship. The most important thing about customer retention is making sure you give your customers more than they expect, so that they can become loyal advocates for your brand.” by Gary R. Johnson


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