5 ways to implement Kindness in your business, do you need a return of investment in having kindness show it’s worthiness? It may sound melodramatic, yet it’s

…a question that many business owners want to know what’s my ROI?  

Here are 5 ways to help you be rewarded by implementing kindness in your business.

1. Kindness builds positive relationships

A kind organization starts from within–from its leaders to the employees. Many leaders have the ability to leave a trail of carnage or a trail of inspiration. 

Kind leaders communicate the role their subordinates play in reaching the goal of the business and guide them proactively in achieving them. When people around them are uplifted then everyone is affected.

The more engaged the employees are. The more they feel that they belong to something meaningful, they buy into the long term vision and how their work contributes, thus the longer they stay. 

 Businessolver Empathy is clearly the competitive edge leaders are missing out on. 93% of employees would rather work for an empathetic employer

2. Kindness adds opportunities

When people are polite, civil and kind this produces a positive and accepting environment. An attitude of gratitude, will quickly shift. 

According to Gallup, 67% of employees are happier and more productive when managers focus on the positive aspects of their performance. 

Recognizing the accomplishments and hard work of employees will improve the engagement, loyalty, and service to customers.

3. Kindness develops a genuine customer service ethic

An organization exuding kindness spills over the same to their clients. Employee will be an advocate first before just selling products or services to your customers. 

By doing this they will show, that they care. And in a time where consumers are more scrutinizing when it comes to not just the value of what they are paying for but as well as their whole experience. It’s imperative for businesses to show authentic empathy to gain and keep their customers. Otherwise your competition would love to have them.

4. When Kindness prevails in Customer Service

An empathetic business offers flexibility with their products and services. When policies allow the employees to have a say and what they can do for their customers – kindness prevails.   They don’t have to say to them, “I can’t do that,” “That’s not our policy.”  There is some flexibility, to offer another solution or give a gift or discount.

Yet, a truly kind organization is humane and cognizant of the difficulties some clients may experience. They have the ability to embed understanding and leniency within their policies.

The online store Zappos is one great example. Other shops may view returned products as a nuisance but this company sees them as a chance at better customer relations and more engagement for customization.

They have a 365-day return policy for their products with free 2-way shipping. Guess whom they get the most profit from–the customers who return items the most often.

5. Creates a Sense of Community

Like a ripple, a kind organization does not just positively impact its own team and its clients but also the community or industry where it operates. 

The 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer found out that 80% of consumers worldwide recognize that business must have a role in dealing with societal issues – what are they doing to give back, could it be as simple as being kind at work?

The Edelman TRUST BAROMETER™ is the firm’s annual trust and credibility survey, currently in its 19th year. What began as a survey of 1,300 people in five countries in 2001 has grown into a truly global measurement of trust across the world. The Trust Barometer is produced by our integrated research, analytics and measurement division, Edelman Intelligence.

Creating an Impact in your local community matters.  How can your product or service bring value to your neighborhood,  your clients  and community? These 5 ways to Implement Kindness in your business will create impact.

From small acts of kindness to big contributions to charitable organizations or activities, you can attract more customers and build a better brand loyalty.

There is enough proof that a dog-eat-dog world doesn’t need to exist. As we intertwine kindness in our strategy it will increase your ROI, you will then see how kindness benefits your business.  

As another Gallup study proves, these engaged clients “represent a 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth over the average customer.

Would you like to do a pilot project with kindness?

Why not consider joining us for the World Kindness Day event, it’s Nov 13.. Don’t worry about all the details, I have them all figured out for you. Just reach out to me at kindnessatwork.us

And of course you could also ask your employees how they think kindness would make their workplace better.

Besides being a Traveling Doula, kindness plays a part..

Have a kind week!


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