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6 easy shoestring Marketing tips to get started in launching or growing your business. Whether you are offering products or services. Let’s get started!!

Marketing Tip#1 

Write your own e-zine or newsletter or online paper to reach new global customers. Use a E-mail service company such as MailChimp or  Scoop it! provides content for a newsletter. Twitter paper can also help you with content. find something you are good at and someone wants to know more about.

Marketing Tip #2

Develop Partnerships for your Biz

1. First, tally up all your marketing assets of what you can offer to a potential partner in terms of exposure. Find a niche that you can own.
2. Assign yourself or someone else to develop these partnerships
3. Nurture your relationships as it may take anywhere from 3 months to 1 yearly to finalize a partnership

Marketing Tip#3

Get your own Blog started use Use a blog to promote your book, your e-zine, your knowledge, expertise your journey. Some people have personal blogs. Just remember when you write that it is like putting it on TV, people can chose to watch it, read it. It’s public.

Marketing Tip#4

Offer a FREE bonus or booklet about your own expertise, give it to your subscribers or to the audience you would like to serve.

Marketing Tip#5

Develop Referral Sources:
1 .Current and past customers, they are happy about the customer service you’ve provided them.
2. They can be people you have met through networking and if you have met for a one on one you can find out more about the other person’s business and establish to be a referral partner, if you think it’s a fit for the both of you.

3. They could be people that provide complimentary services to the same audience that you do.

Marketing Tip#6

Join LinkedIn, develop your profile and join groups that suit where your customers are, personal interests and ways you can give back to other people with their challenges. Sharing is caring.

Marketing Tip #7
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