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6 Ways to be a Connector

6 Ways to be a Connector. Did you know that 90% of salespeople don’t network it’s because they don’t know how to?

This really surprised me, I remember when I was doing Territorial sales, it was a lot easier to get out to network in the circles where my customers were. Like knocking on the doors of my customers – face to face. Or finding places where they hang out at.

Introductions and referrals were easier to get than knocking on doors. However, knocking on doors was good too, because I was able to find out who the businesses were in my territory.

If you want to reach the affluent people, you’ll find them in Trade Associations and Professional groups. This is where you want to cultivate relationships, by inviting out the people you want to know better for coffee, get involved in committees, ask for referrals or recommendations. Here are 6 ways to get started.

  • Be a Talent Scout for your suppliers or solo-entrepreneurs. All you have to do is to find out what your suppliers need the most and help them get it.
  • Be a Revenue Enhancer by finding out what people need. Assist them in getting sales, referrals or ?
  • Be an Advocate for your clients, have their back in mind. Find a cause that they are passionate about and support them. If they get into a financial stress, don’t abandon them, find a way to help them
  • Form an Advisory Council, gather people together who speak or advise about various topics from their perspective and what has worked for them. Provide this service or help for free. Find out what the needs of your marketplace then gather the speakers, suppliers and consultants to help your customers, trade associations, community groups and professional organizations.
  • You want to be a trusted source of advisors who are truly interested in helping people if they need and want it. The only way you are going to get to be this person is to give 1st.
  • Be a Mentor, by helping and supporting someone that is new to the ranks in your company, or a student.

When can you expect results by doing all or some of these roles?

Most sales professionals never reach extraordinary levels of production because either they do not initiate the network strategy or they abandon it. Why? Because it takes a good year of networking before the results start to be realized.

Networking requires patience, discipline and a long-range view. You need to be focused on what you want to achieve and stick to your plan, if it isn’t working keep working at it. Many counsellors will say the only time to leave a relationship is when it is working. this is especially important for networkerd to have a genuine interest in the people he or she is serving.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is making an assumption that people with influence are people who drive expensive cars, or status symbols. The most affluent people are self-employed business owners. Affluent people are much more interested in having their achievements recognized, than their status.

How did these people become affluent? They started growing their business the same way you are going to create your influence – with Power Networkers. By serving others first.. find out what people need and the give it to them. Form your own circle if it works best for you..

For example if you are into the health professional arena, then build up your partners who are in the health field, you may discover that this is a large group, you can narrow it down to the areas you are really interest in.

If you are a Creative professional – who would be important for you to meet? Consultants, artists that do different kinds of art? Framers, Suppliers, makers, etc., you know who you need to meet.

I hope this gives you some using the 6 ways to become a connector.

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