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6 Ways to Grow Your Relationship Capital

6 ways to grow your relationship capital. When you are growing your relationship capital, design a strategy to have more friends, colleagues and customers.

Here are six ways you can start designing your plan.

It will take time, however the rewards will be much better than just doing a bunch of marketing tactics that you throw out just to wait to see what will stick.

  1. Start with your objective – once you write out your clear and specific objective it will boost your overall design
  2. Create a data base of your friends and categorize them, I use my address book and Full Contact to help me stay connected and organized.
  3. What’s your soul of your brand? This isn’t about features and benefits ie. Apple = Innovation, Disney = Magic. What’s on the the other side of your brand?
  4. Build trust and loyalty – be friends 1st, share and help others
  5. Be where your customers are..listen and observe
  6. Work your design – it will take time, keep your profiles updated, this alone with add more value than you can imagine.

These are real people sharing how they meet their customers and start to establish a relationship with them

The most effective way, so far, has been a combination of networking and education based marketing (speaking, writing, providing useful and pertinent information).

Dr. Shayne Tracey
Inviting people to presentations that will help them in in their businesses.

Rich Casto
By far the most effective way for me to get new business now that I have been doing this for 8 years is just to report the results I get with the companies I have consulted with. I set up my consulting so the results could be measured. Now I just let them speak for themselves.

Dr. Tony Alessandra
Today, it’s social networking. Being active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc. with print, audio and video posts that are much more informational/educational than promotional.

Doug White
The most effective thing we have done to generate business is to write a book. As a part of the research we interviewed more than 100 small and midsize business owners. These were interviews, not sales pitches

Gerry Donaldson
I think by far, the best way is to Network through your own contacts, then the contacts of those you interact with. Regardless of whether you are a gregarious type or shy and retiring. If you start the ball rolling within a trusted space, the opportunities seem to appear from nowhere!

Gerald Bricker
Networking is definitely the number one way that works for me.

Jim Edward Caudell
Simply put, just being a part of the conversation. Whether your talking to a group of like-minded business professionals or to an individual client (online or offline) As I’ve said all along, you have to consistently and personally engage your following in order to gain more clients. It’s a simple rule but does require some daily discipline. A defined business process helps to keep things in order.

If you want to more places to stretch your connections check out LinkedIn.
Of course there are many articles about Marketing on this site, just click on the Marketing tab.


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