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6 Ways to Market a Local Business

6 Ways to Market a Local Business, be strong get sales and brand awareness. Almost like growing a grassroots campaign to grow your business.

1. Local Marketing
Google places has now been replaced with Google my business. It’s a great place to get your business listed. For example if you are searching for a bakery, you’ll find the ones you are looking for in your local marketplace. The one near you.

2. Be a Good Neighbor
In your marketing promotions focus on what you can offer your local residents or when someone travels to your local city like San Francisco, CA give the residents a time-sensitive coupon. If you don’t have a special offer, promote your neighbors special offer. Partner up with a non-profit.

3. Map Your Business using Google
Give people a map to your location on your website. Use Foursquare for Facebook, when people check into Foursquare you can offer them an incentive. Now that Facebook is into letting you make an offer you can do the same thing on your business page. For example a candy store in Flagstaff, said “the 1st 7 people that checked into their chocolate store got a free sample of their gummy bears”. Get a free appetizer when you come for lunch or dinner on a given date ___ i.e. Mondays.

4. Create a website. Is much more than just putting up a website and expecting something to happen. You need to be active and engaging. Post your latest happenings at your location. Use the social media platforms that work for your business.

5. Coupon Campaigns
When you decide to do a coupon campaign.. be prepared and organized. by having enough staff on hand to serve everyone. Notify the staff of your upcoming specials. Get 1st time guests on your e-mail list like your promotional or newsletter. Enroll them in your VIP Club.

6. Review sites.
Watch and maintain your presence and comments on Yelp, TripAdvisor and other review sites. Your brand management is important. You want to create raving fans. Here’s a list of reviews sites.

7. Host a meet-up group..there isn’t anything like a live interaction..Why not create a meet-up group at your restaurant or local business. You can partner up with other local businesses as well.

8. Create a Video
Why not create a video of your restaurant or art and share it with your customers, one artist that I know is doing this, by sending her art to Art Galleries and she has sold $3,600 worth of art. Have your chef talk about a menu item the give a demo about it.

Like it or not Social Media Marketing is here to stay – Get friendly with it. When you do, you will increase your trips to the bank.. call me when you are ready to get started. Read more about social media marketing.


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