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6 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

6 ways to show your appreciation. The Where Magazine got the idea a Tipping Guide for people who may have helped you in your business. Great for Concierge services.

One of my collaborative partners Carol Deckert is now introducing people as she is known as a Connector. She introduced me to a couple of people who she values and thought we could all work together. Great idea Carol!

Sometimes we just need ideas to re-fresh our minds in how we can give tips to help each other. Back to the Tipping Guide.

Do you give a tip to someone who had given you a tip that will transform your business? Even if it is something really simple? I have often thought of putting a Tip Jar or a Donation Button on my site.

How do you actually measure how someone that helps you? “Does it feel strange to introduce someone or give a referral and get paid for it?” You could just refer and get paid.

This Tip Guide is only a guide, it’s simply a way to acknowledge or give a “Thank You” to someone. By giving you are increasing your chances of getting something back from the universe, without an expectation of return. The more you give the more you get back. (this doesn’t mean if you give $200. You will get $200 back).

Answers to your Questions from a one on one call, or in a discussion group:
▪ You can go to their blog and leave a comment.
▪ Give them a recommendation on Linkedin
▪ Introduce them to someone else.
▪ Tip them $10.00+ or whatever the value was to you. Maybe someone in a discussion group spent time with you directly you could tip them $25. (this service is worth well over $25.)

▪ Pay it Forward by introducing them to someone else or a total stranger
▪ Tip $5.00 or more

A Referral:
• You have asked someone that will help you get a sale.
• You can return the favor
• Make an agreement with each other.
• Tip them 20% of the value of the referral
• Tip of a minimum of $10.00

Critique or Feedback on your Blog or Website:
• Tip $20 or more

Concierge services:
▪ $5.00 or 20% of the value of the service

Everything else:
• 20% or a minimum of $2.00

Maybe this is just another business model you can add to your services…What are you willing to pay? It also helps to keep money circulated. As you know business is circulated through our relationships and money is circulated when you give.

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