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9 Quick ways to do shoestring marketing

Here are 9 quick ways to do shoestring marketing, is about finding who your raving fans. Actually there are 10. tips in total, but who’s counting?

Shoestring Tip #7

Start a brag book, if you haven’t got one already. List your media exposure, articles that have been published. Awards that you have received. Include the press releases you have sent out yourself. Try out writing out press releases. I like Pr Log Press Release service.

Shoestring Tip #8

Get a logo professionally designed and use it on all your marketing materials. Check out Fiverr.  Also check out Oasis great offers.

Shoestring Tip #18

Teach a class by using your expertise or something that you are passionate about. Podcasts are easy to do. You can use a Free Conference Call service. Do a Google Hang out. You also can do a series and post them on UDemy.

Shoestring Tip #19

Write a hand written note to your customers just to say Thank you. Hand written cards are better than e-cards.

Shoestring Tip #20

Develop a UPS for yourself. What makes you unique? What differs you from another company/business that you are in? For example, there are so many financial planners whenever I meet one I ask them what makes them different.

Shoestring Tip #21

Get Testimonials – make sure they are specific, verifiable and impressive. Use your phone camera, well written ones that you can post on your website and all your marketing materials.

Shoestring Tip #24

Get a mentor, take a tele-class or join a mastermind group to keep you motivated and accountable. Even if you get a group of people together to support each other. You’ll also find that you are able to get other marketing ideas and collaborate on projects.

Shoestring Tip #25

It’s not too late to start one of your resolutions just re-group and start a new activity to promote your business. Just start on one area that you are ready to put forth some energy into it.

Shoestring Tip #26

Take one day off to rejuvenate yourself. No calls to customers or other business stuff. Rest, meditate, play or just be with your friends and family. It’s easy to multi-task, it’s better for you to take a day trip somewhere and explore your local area. You’ll be refreshed and ready to go again. Do this once a month.

Shoestring Tip#27

Keep your mind open to new ideas & suggestions, sometimes people just want to help. If you have explored it already, just listen you’ll find the more open you are the better the ideas start to flow.

The previous other 6  tips are on another post.


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