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A Year in Review 2022

A Year in Review 2022, it’s like giving a report after working on a project, received my report from Google for my Youtube Channel. Plus all the other things…

January 2022, I launched Heart@Work as an LLC and formally started working as a Doula Giver..I thought a traveling doula would be fun.. it was a nice idea – I really didn’t give good instructions for my ask. Anyway, I started to let people know this service was available.

February, it continued on.. it seems so long ago now.

March & April about the same – doing my own podcast interviews, being on other peoples shows..

May, let’s start with filling out a form on Facebook, “Would you like to be a coach?” Sure why not, I’ve done that before..

June, I decided to make my trip back to Canada for a visit..I drove there and back over 5,000 certainly was an experience and many insights I learned.   While I was gone, I was sent an email saying “Congratulations!” Welcome to our team!!?

What? Who are you?

July,  Then I remembered… filling out this form on Facebook. It was for SBA’s Thrive Program for CEO’s.. each coach was given a Co-hort to coach and guide.  I was hoping to get San Diego, nope! I got Sacremento. I worked closely with the District Manager at SBA. There were about 40 coaches, one for every city or group.

Wednesday, December 14th is their graduation party. Each of them will get an award of completion, a party to celebrate with their family and friends. Now we all hope that they stay connected to each other as they grow their businesses.

Last Wednesday they all had to present what their future plans were, what 3 year goals they set for their businesses. For my experience it was very enjoyable.. watching them struggle, ready to throw in the towel, laugh, grow  \and in the end really shine. Looking forward to tomorrow.

My July, August, September, October and November was just about networking, promoting my business, taking the course along with my CEO’s so I know what they were learning. Writing up new goals for my business.

November 13, World Kindness Day – did a promotion about the day.. and got about 50 people to do acts of Kindness for the week. I said think about it,. one guy told me “it should be every day”..although I agree, sometimes a reminder helps people to get into the swing of it all.

I realized that I wasn’t really dreaming big enough. As I was looking at writing a Year in Review 2022

It’s been a dream of mine to have my own Container home and a Bakery… I’m in the fundraising part of building a Container Town.. Housing for 1st time home buyers, seniors who want to downsize, the unhoused,  a couple of guest homes for people who are at their EOL, (Doula Houses) a community center, outdoor stage to do conferences and musical concerts. An organic garden, farmers events. Micro-grid to be carbon neutral.  Add much more as we go along.  Buy the land, and start building for 25+ homes. 5+ acres.

December – I’ll be putting more focus on doing more videos -Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram.. all the other platforms haven’t really produced anything for me. If you want to follow me on these social media sites, just go to this link you’ll find them all listed there.

The top viewed Podcast shows were:

Laurie Ellis-Young Episode #147 and Barbara Vercruysse Episode #61

For Live Streaming it was Mark McNally

I would like to encourage you to subscribe to Heart@Works’ Channel

Of course doing a Life Cafe the 2nd Tuesday of every month.. the next one is January 3.

If you are interested in staying up to date for the Container Town, I have a group on Facebook.

Other changes, I’ve added all the Podcast shows here on this site.. it’s kinda mumble jumble right can see them on YouTube and

More to come later.. look forward in our conversations soon!  This is a Year in Review 2022 for you

In the meantime.. enjoy your holidays during Christmas!

Love & Light!







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