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Align your life

Align your life, means to me what do I really want and how am I aligning my life to go after my big hairy goals? What needs to change?

It doesn’t matter what stage your life is in now, it’s about taking a look into the future and thinking about what is it you want to have, be and enjoy 1 – 5 years from now.

Starting in 2021, it’s going to be much easier to manifest what you want to have than ever before.

I’ve noticed little things that I am shopping for, are found immediately, then I let go of finding them, all of a sudden I find then again. I was looking for another pair of Sketchers – black. Costco had them on sale.. not my size. I just let it go, then here I am browsing around Costco – there they are on sale and in my size. This is just an simple example of of manifesting without pressuring it to come to me.

In a long term goal, I’m back at promoting Kindness and showing how businesses can benefit by embracing kindness in their businesses. I was speaking to a gal and she introduced me to Brian Biro, who has written a book about the ROI of Kindness in Business. Since this the theme of the Kindness@Work Conference in January, 2021. More people now want to be a part of it. Come join us!

I was also thinking about my LinkedIn profile -being a Catalyst for raising humanity up with kindness.  Am I really doing this in a big enough way? What am I really doing to live up to this way of being or teaching others.

I got the Kindness Conferences, a Podcast to promote other people making and leaving an impactful legacy.. I feel there is still something missing.

The topic of this post is about aligning my life.. Q: What needs to change?

I ask of you the same question, are you aligned to what you want out of life?

What needs to change for you?

In many ways I have learned to be what other people expect me to be – gain their approval to like and perhaps love me. It’s been a struggle or a big lesson to learn about loving me more. In other words be kinder to me first, rather than what other people seem to think what I should do for them.

A couple of months ago I had a housing arrangement fail, and a friend said I could stay with her, pay rent look for another place to live. Awesome I thought. However, the pressure for me to find another place to live placed me in a high stress zone. 

I asked her for her help, I realized until she knew how hard it was to find a place – that was livable and affordable she was going to continue to bug me. She would call people who had openings, ask great questions, even looked at a couple places. She said, she couldn’t believe the crap people were offering for rent. Yeah, I know.  

Just to get from under the stress I just picked a place, not ideal, its less pressure and it will give me time to get what I really want. I share this experience that sometimes, we just have to be strong enough to keep going after what we want otherwise we will keep pleasing other people. What ends up happening is we abuse ourselves. I hope this makes sense.

By surrendering I’ve learned that, if I stay in the possibilities of opportunities more things come to me. Maybe you are being called to think bigger goals or ideas to manifest what you really want.

Make a wish list just like a grocery list..think about are you being defined by your job, your history, what other people will think about you…the different masks you wear. Stop this, and step into your weirdness and what makes you unique.

If you have outgrown some situations, people or relationships perhaps it’s time to let them all go. Align your life into something you truly want or desire to have. 

I’m not getting any younger – even though I have lots of energy – just focusing on what I want and giving myself permission to do and have what I want is very important.

I am still learning about being kind to me 1st, loving me more. I know more and more each day it will happen. I’d love to hear your dreams and wishes. Read more of this kind of articles


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