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Are you afraid of Kindness?

Are you afraid of Kindness? Kindness isn’t always about the BIG things you can do or offer, it’s always the small things that helps people the most.

I was at a meeting where church members asked the people in a Car Parking Program, that they wanted them to feel that they are offering the very best, for their guests.

First of all, there wasn’t a welcome message or anyone to to say, “Glad to have you back,” was said to anyone. 

Four days later they let the people know they are going to have a meeting to find out what they needed during their time staying with them.

The church members were told, that it’s the simple things that matter not the big things. They wanted to know what the other churches have provided to them while they have stayed with them.   Their requests were shared.

The parking program is for those who are unhoused, and sleep in their cars, some people work, some are retired or on disability. Whatever the reason, they have chosen to sleep in their cars.

One of the churches wanted to give the best services as possible for the parkers while they parked at their church.

What they provided, was coffee in most mornings, dinners in the evening, conversations amongst the volunteers, parkers and anyone who wanted to show up.

The parkers told the church members that the simple things like:

  • Gift cards – coffee cards
  • Having them come in the church to warm up when it’s cold or raining. (especially during the big storms)
  • Or letting the people stay longer in the morning when there are storm warnings, rather than have to leave at the out going time.
  • Let us eat inside sometimes, have a microwave available, a table and chair to sit at. 
  • Or have an extension cord so we can make hot drinks like tea, coffee or soup day or night.

(All these churches give a time when the people can park at night and leave by the morning. )

Having coffee made available in the morning is appreciated..

Some churches provide dinner, provided by the volunteers.

Volunteers can sign up to check us in and out, have a conversations with everyone. It’s about building relationships with people. 

The care parking program, is a much needed service.. for those who are unhoused. It’s another temporary service until the people can find housing.

Are you afraid of Kindness? If so, just ask people what they want or need. It’s not about out doing the other churches in this case. Or outdoing anyone, it’s about what are you doing to promote and being kinder.

Kindness helps everyone when you ask – what can I do for you? How can I/we support you? 

Rather than be afraid about kindness, be curious about it. If you don’t understand someone or the situation ask more questions.  This works at home, work and in your community.

Show your appreciation, to people you know or doing know, it will  to help you with “Are you afraid of Kindness?”


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Happy New Year!


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