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Are you disallowing to keep your customers

Are you disallowing to keep your customers by throwing out or giving the thumbs down to ideas to retain them.

This post is about how to retain your customers/clients. I prefer to call them clients as if they have purchased from me, then I want to respect them enough for them to become more than just a customer. As they are invested in my success.

I talked about forming an ideal client profile on my previous video, what you’ll discover in doing this, it will help to you know, how they want to be appreciated.

What does disallowing mean?

It’s when you “reject, refuse, dismiss, say no to; ban, bar, block, forbid, prohibit; cancel, invalidate, overrule, quash, overturn, countermand, reverse, throw out, set aside; give the thumbs down to, veto, nix.”

Disallowing is when:
Your clients may ask for something whether it’s in your scope or something you don’t want to do. You disallow by not referring them to someone else.

* Someone approaches you to do a collaboration you don’t think about doing it, you just say NO.

* You choose not to appreciate your clients because you are always looking for new ones

* Your employees suggest an idea and you squash it

* You keep joining a bunch of networking events/meetings, however, you may not take the time to develop relationships with the people you meet. You reject them.

The other night I went to a Chamber mixer, I’m not a member, I was invited by the company as I subscribe to their newsletter. There were only about ten people there outside the staff. The company put out lots of food since it was Flag day, they gave everyone a flag, something to remember them with.

I was surprised of the low attendance, that’s ok because it gave me time to speak to each person, to get to know them. Plus, I actually made some good contacts for my business.

If you are disallowing, how many opportunities missing out of?


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