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Are you growing?

Are you growing? A topic that has come up quite a few times. Small Business Week was last week, many small business winners are Winning the Small Business 2023.

And then there is the opportunity to grow with yourself or in your organization. If you aren’t growing what are you doing?

Do you have a client journey? Does this resonate with you?

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time there was a business owner named Jane.

Jane dreamed of  having a mulit-million dollar business .

Every day she thought about nothing else but working more on her business and expand and grow.

Some might even say that Jane was obsessed. Others said she, her was a wishful dreamer with no chance of success. 

Either way, she didn’t mind because she knew she would make it some day.

All Jane could think about was how she could overcome her challenges now of growing her business as fast as possible. 

She knew if she could just hire great people and have a strong team, their life would be amazing.

But after a while, people started to wonder if she, her  would ever truly get started toward her goal. Truth be told, Jane was even starting to doubt if her, their goals were anything more than just a daydream.

Then one day something happened that would change everything…

Jane overheard her self talk, not good enough,  close to making jokes and saying there was no way she was ever going to create a legacy of her business... let alone succession planning!

That was it! Jane was so mad she, her could barely see straight. 

In that moment she, her committed that no matter what it took, she, her was going to figure out how to make this work!

That’s when Jane resolved to go “all in” with working more on their business  than in her business! 

And that is when her journey to become a a multi-million dollar business truly began. She was no longer wishing for it or waiting for it… she was on her way.

Unfortunately, that’s when reality started to set in for Jane. 

It’s one thing to say you’re committed to results.

To say you want to peers to trust, not be lonely and finally to relax and enjoy her journey as the CEO

It’s quite another thing to actually do it!

Like many CEO‘s who wants to grow at this stage in their working more on their business journey, Jane realized he faced some critical questions with no immediate answers…

* Is what she’s doing now is working? 

* How can she expand her business’s sales?

* Know that she needs to grow more

That’s when reality really set in for Jane.

She realized she is alone. Being a CEO is a lonely place to be.

She also came face to face with the fact that she doesn’t have a great network of peers and finding enough time to do everything.

She was haunted by the idea that fear, not trusting her own intuition.

And the thought that her mind set, she has to be ready to grow didn’t help either.

But it was the crippling notion that she’s never taken the time and invest in herself or her business which caused her to truly hit rock bottom.

In that dark moment she, her made a decision. Enough was enough! 

No more self pity!

No matter what it took, nothing was going to stop her.

She was going to figure out how to overcoming her negative self talk.

She would do whatever it took to to figure how where to find the right people for her executive team and increase her leadership skills.

With that clarity of purpose came peace, focus… and an opportunity. 

As if by chance, Jane discovered the CEO Advisory Forums.  I invited her to check out a peer group for her business success and things started to turn around fast.  In Sacremento or just for Women’s Advisory

Because, in a nutshell, she, was able to learn how to increase her business growth, marketing and sales without it Jane can have it all by simply trusting the process in the Advisory forum.

It was then that things really started to take off for Jane.

She was able to first benefit to have the ability to share her struggles and challenges in confidence.

She was also able to enjoy other people in her group, with my offer to help her to overcome her challenges.

And finally, she could also make a plan to identify where she needs to improve to be successful.

Before she knew it, her wildest dreams of being able to create a legacy of her business and succession planning came true!

Jane wants to have a multi-million dollar business.

And that’s the story of how Jane transformed from a business owner to a wants to have a multi-million dollar business who understands the secrets of how to “Unlock the secrets to becoming a Successful CEO.

Are you growing? Like Jane has decided she needs to do?

This has been a topic that has come up quite a few times this past week. Small Business Week was last week, the first couple on the left Jose Diaz & his wife Ample Electric out of Winters, CA won Small Business of the Year 2023 and the couple on the right, are Emmy Award winners 3 Lopez Media Inc. 

So proud of them! They are all growing into their success by joining a CEO group.

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