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Are you living well?

Are you living well?  It’s about learning how to plan so that you can live a full life.  Most people really don’t take the time to love themselves enough to care.

Remember in the last post I wrote about being in ground zero? Learning to prune people out of my life that really don’t show up for me any more. This is because, we found each other through some drama or trauma, when we are ready we let go of those relationships. Those relationships no longer serve us.

What does serve us, is being true to who we are. Our wishes, dreams, values and how much self-care we really give ourselves. I was speaking to Robert who has been offering play workshops for companies,  he has taken a step back to think about it he should carry on or pivot to something else. I told him play at work is just another form of self-care. Being kinder to ourselves, we need to come 1st.

Yet, we don’t.

Perhaps from our childhood upbringing we were taught other people first, ourselves second. I don’t know, what were you taught? It’s time to pivot this and be smart enough to say, for me, my own sanity I am going to put myself first, in making decisions, what do I want, what do I value and will I live well?

I put together a class on “Learn how to plan so you can live well, this workshop is for people who are ready to get their pre-plan started for creating an estate, a legacy, and other things they can do to get started.”  This is another thing to do that will bring peace of mind and another act of self-care to ourselves.  Are you ready to ask “Are you living well?”

Try doing this exercise for 30 days put yourself 1st. Start with what our judgements are  about, judgements & jealous are like a drug..they don’t get you anywhere..

Shift it by recognizing what trauma or charge you get out of judging someone else. Mostly, we are judging ourselves.

What do I know about myself – what am I allergic to, start asking for what you setting boundaries.

It’s crucial to have advocates, a supportive group of people who are around you, who believe in you, it’s the biggest power source you can have.

To start living well, there comes a time when we have clarity.. we realize that when an idea or solution is presented to us..that we dis it, of feel it’s not time yet.

It’s never too early or soon before it becomes too late to do something about it.

It always seems too soon, until it’s too late.” 

* We’ll work on your health directives / living will/ health proxy – in the USA  in Canada

* Got a business? Who is taking over? What’s the game plan..or exit strategy?

* Social media accounts -what you need to close them, if the person has died, then you will need their death certificate. I encourage you to close as many accounts sooner than later. Get One Password

* Writing your obituary or eulogy


If you are ready to work on any of these things, then let’s do a class together and get them done. Each hour that we do a class together is $85.00 solo if you want to get a group together it’s $195.00 up to 5 people.

Do your part and start caring for yourself more.

Here’s the class that I recorded.. to help you to get started.

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