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Are you missing out of unforeseen opportunities?

Are you missing out of unforeseen opportunities? Most people miss out on 90% or more of the referrals they could easily have, simply because they don’t have a proven Thank you program.

When you learn how to get more referrals with a Thank you system, your customers will appreciate you more. Guaranteed!

The other thing about having more referrals is knowing who your customer is. If you say, everyone is – guess what? These people aren’t getting you, they don’t understand your language and likely don’t need what you are offering.

Spend more time working on your customer profile, rather than hitting up everyone.

Here’s a workshop outline that Patricia and I gave a few years ago. Attractingbettercustomers At the end of the workshop we guaranteed that you would get your ideal client/customer within 48 hours. I am encouraging you to download it and fill in the answers to the questions. If you need help by all means drop me an email to ask your question/s.I’ll post this on our Facebook page where you can ask questions, make comments

You can’t get referrals from people if you don’t know who they are. If you have current clients, I would ask them for referrals. As 90% of people don’t ask for referrals within this 90% business people don’t have a Thank you system to show their appreciation. This means that your customers, haven’t placed you in their minds. If it has been awhile since you have communicated to them, then it may take awhile for them to participate with you.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a Customer Retention & Appreciation program.
1) The costs of getting new customers
2) The decline of revenue
3) The lack of word of mouth for your promotions
4) A lack of referrals
5) Customers are switching to another business because of better customer service

These are just a sample of why you need a system or program to help you to become more successful.

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