Are you ready? To be accountable? This means that you are working on something that you want support in, you are dedicated to be in an accountability group.

Why would you join one?

  1. They are ideal for people who are passionate about what they want to create
  2. Believe in the power of 2 or more gathered together for fast-track success
  3. Want to have a structure so everyone in the group gets what they want
  4. Make greater progress in a lot less time
  5. Get results, by focusing on the Big goals…

When you join with other cohorts who will support and encourage you to finish what you say you want to create. I have certainly experience being a part of many groups both on the participator side and the facilitator side have had many growth spurts and success.

I remember when one day I posted who wants to join a Mastermind group? There were over 30 people who said they want in. This group thinned out over time, we still carried on for a year… the results were tremendous.

I have always found when I am stuck, or having trouble gaining traction, I seek a group out. I still believe it’s one of the #1 success ways to grow a business. For you right now, it may not be about growing a business you may just have a BIG dream you want to fulfill or launch, or maybe it’s just you need support in keeping moving one foot at a time. Left, right, left, right.

What really matters to you right now?

For me it’s about Kindness and Compassion… I have a video for you to watch..

What does Kindness & Compassion have to do with Accountability groups? If you have something you want to work on, now is your chance.

Are you ready, willing and able?

1.The accountability group consists of 8 weeks, weekly meetings – 2 hr duration – designed to create tangible, measurable   results to indicate progress to toward your tangible goal.

2. You will breakthrough any of your excuses, reasons or barriers

3. We all need a lot of support to achieve our dreams for our long term visions to appear

4. To achieve our dreams and goals shouldn’t have to be hard..

5. You just have to think about what matters, how much time are you willing to commit to it?

Join in now! It’s only $127.00 for 8 weeks a group class. Starting mid August 2021.

This is also a great opportunity to create your personal legacy. How do you want to be remembered?

Here’s what other people have said about me

I already learned a lot from the mind-opener thoughts in your post, and you added eight of the top benefits; that made it more interesting and to follow tips! Each of the benefits that you included are so true! arjhaenicol

CEO of Michael Hartzell
“Mari-Lyn Harris is not one to hesitate when it begins to look difficult. As Mari-Lyn takes on new projects, you will find her motto is “forward” and “TNT” Today Not Tomorrow. With a generous heart, persistence, high character and a vision of community and collaboration, Mari-Lyn stays connected with the reality of what is necessary to get a job done while providing help and support to others.. I am thankful for the opportunity to know and work with Mari-Lyn

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