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Are you using Kindness in your business?


Are you using Kindness in your business? The worst advice or suggestions around kindness in the workplace that it doesn’t work.


Years ago when I was working with Kindness as a strategy to help businesses to have better relationships with their employees and customers, I was faced with some STRONG opposition. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like to be treated with kindness.

I always wondered why? Years have gone by, what I have realized is when someone suggests the concept of Kindness, as it has no place in the workplace, it’s about fear.

* Fear of the unknown.
* Fear that something better will work better.
* Fear of losing control.
* Fear of change.
* Fear of something too simple could make a difference.

What have we learned over the years of not making an effort for more kindness in our communities and workplaces? To go further, how has it worked or not in your relationships or with your customers? Have your tried it out?

The worst advice I got was, “We’ll buy a program from you, we aren’t going to implement it. We just want to say we have one.

Should I have sold a program anyway?

I didn’t, because it was a way to get rid of me and my name my reputation was worth more. Employers were hoping that employees wouldn’t ask for any initiatives or benefits from the company. It might cost them something.

How can we change the perceptions of people’s minds to believing that Kindness does have a place in business and in the community at large?

I met some incredible people at the World Kindness USA Launch who are doing great things for their local community. Programs to solve the issues of Suicide, Bullying and other mental health issues.

Here’s me still saying Kindness is important in businesses. How? Take a look at how your relationships are with your customers and vendors.

* How effective are they?
* Do you prefer lower sales?
* Do you prefer rudeness & disrespect?
* Do you prefer to be unhappy at work?
* Are you enjoying being bullied or put down at work?
* Is your business growing as fast as you would like it?
* Is your business being memorable?
* What does your brand say about you?

If any of the questions are bothering you, perhaps it’s time to have a conversation about how I can help you get on track for a healthy and thriving business.



Read Kindness White paper I wrote in 2002

Below is the interview with Tara and myself about how Kindness is the Cure.

Kindness in business
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