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Before something goes wrong

Before something goes wrong, make sure you have people who have your back or can guide you along the way. Especially if you have a business, whether it’s new or not.

We all need support and guidance to avoid making BIG mistakes.

As a business coach, I have heard many stories from business owners, things they inherit from a previous owner, or person the position they have taken over. Being sued, from a gruntled employee or contracts gone wrong.

Inheritance is the practice of receiving private property, titles, debts, entitlements, privileges, rights, and obligations.  The rules of inheritance differ among societies and have changed over time.
A friend of mine shared that she had so many people stealing from her, (her clothing biz) that she had to claim bankruptcy.
Knowing the rules of the road for HR issues, so that you don’t end up on the wrong side of your employees or the law.
Before something goes wrong, it’s important that you have a board, a group of people or advisory forum that you can reach out to, who can help you get the support when you need it.
I watched his video, and it really explains somethings you can do if something goes wrong..  Before we get there, consider joining a CEO Advisory Forum..I am running one for  and one just for women, as I have found some women feel more comfortable just with women. The women’s group
We will be working on your challenges you have in your business as a CEO, Founder roles, these are some of the concerns that will benefit you.  If you have any concerns with:

1. navigating and communication content change

2. making progress amidst chaos

3. staying ahead of the competition

4. finding talent

5. overwhelm

6. building a strong management team

7. creating safe and supportive environments

8. nurturing a strong co culture

9. choosing the right opportunities

10. defining a legacy

And there are many times when we’ll just be forming connections, listening to speakers and getting to know each other. As we all have experiences to share, things we have learned and want to share.
If you have any challenges that are not mentioned that you would like addressed, just bring it to my attention and we’ll work on it together.
Plus, we will have guest speakers and social gatherings so we can get to know each other better.
Looking forward in collaborating.
Love to hear what your top 3 challenges are today? Share them with me by hitting reply or posting them on LinkedIn.
Kind regards,
P.S. Don’t procrastinate just say yes! Before something goes wrong or a disaster strikes.
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