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Blazing Your Own Trail

Blazing your own trail means you ought to have your own strategic plan. Why do you need an strategic plan? You’ll get lost otherwise.

Why do you need an strategic plan?

It’s like a blueprint in building your house, would you build a house without one? It’s a process of determining the future course of your business. It’s not a long-term plan because it will change as your circumstances change.

You can have a strategic plan for your overall business; for your business plan,  a Marketing and Social Media strategic plan. Maybe even a Tactical plan of how you are going to achieve your desired outcomes?

What are your Objectives?
The valid distinction between small and big business is based on the needs, intentions, aims, goals or objectives of the owner-manager of the firm itself. The objectives are the ends toward which all of the activities of your business will be aimed at. They determine the character your brand, what your plans, policies and programs are going to be.

Where are you now?
Where are you now? Where do I want to go? What are your goals? What’s your greater purpose? Do you want to pass it on to your heirs? What’s your next step? Here are some ideas to think about in creating your strategic plan. You’ll notice there are more questions than answers.

The overall business objectives to your business will be:

1. Service
2. Profit
3. Social goals

Define Who you are trying to reach:

Who is my audience?
Where will I find them?
What’s your niche?
Where are they?
What do they do in their spare time?

Define your marketing mix

Do you have a menu or your product or services defined?
Price points, what are they?
What are your personal preferences?
Distribution what channels are you going to use?
What and how are you going to promote yourself?

What’s your vision of your product or services?
1. World view
2. Your perception
3. Imagination

1. World view
Look at the forest instead of the tree. What is the global impact you’ll have on the people around you and what impact you will have in general. You’ll want to maintain your principals and philosophies.

2. Your perception
What is your attitude about the business you are creating and marketing. Are you building from a position of confidence, enthusiasm, your passion so you can attract people who want to work with you.

3. Imagination
By visualizing what your successful business looks like, then go create it. Once we open our eyes and see the challenges and opportunities offered by the world we are met with unlimited possibilities.

To conclude, when you are clear directionally, you’ll have better results. If they aren’t working for you then change them.

“Your imagination is your review of life’s coming attractions” Albert Einstein

Blazing Your Own Trail

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