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Building Confidence Post-Pandemic

Building Confidence Post-Pandemic: Physically, Mentally, and Financially COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over, returning to work by using safety practices will help.

Written by Gloria Martinez of

With COVID-19 safety practices in place, many are returning to work, school, and other responsibilities. However, a higher-than-average number of adults state they now battle with mental health issues. Trouble sleeping, anxiety, and low confidence were among the common problems cited. 

Thankfully, there are several simple things you can do to help build your confidence post-pandemic. By taking small steps to physically, mentally, and financially better your life, you can feel confident enough to seize the day and achieve your goals. Explore Heart@Work for the holistic wellness services you can tap to achieve just that.

Make Getting Active Fun 

Many people find exercise boring. Running on a treadmill or lifting weights can feel tedious. But physical activity provides a number of benefits, from lowering your risk of certain diseases to improving your mood. 

Being active doesn’t have to be boring if you find physical activities that are fun for you. Parents can play games like tag with their children or invest in a trampoline. You can also consider hiking, swimming, or playing team sports with your friends and family members.  

Practice Meditation 

In 2017, around 14% of American adults reported using meditation. This practice of deep breathing and mindfulness has the potential to help you deal with both internal and external stress. The combination of breathing exercises and clearing your mind can be helpful when dealing with anxiety and depression. Try working in five to 10 minutes of dedicated meditation time when you first wake up and a few minutes before you go to sleep. 

Refinance Your Home 

If your finances are a significant source of stress following the pandemic, you’re far from alone. You can free up some cash or lower your monthly mortgage payment by refinancing your home. Doing so involves many of the same steps and documents required during the initial home buying process. It can help to have this information on hand before moving forward with your refinance. 

Pick Up a Side Hustle 

A recent study showed that one in three Americans already has a side hustle. A side hustle is something you can do in your free time (usually from home) to help bring in extra income without committing to a set schedule. This is a significantly better option than getting a second job because it allows you more flexibility in both scheduling and income potential.

There are numerous side hustles, so everyone can find one that fits their skill set and interests. A few examples of possible side hustles include:

  • Ghostwriting articles, blogs, and e-books
  • Designing websites or online graphics
  • Creating an affiliate website
  • Selling products 
  • Providing customer service
  • Coding websites, games, and phone applications
  • Providing freelance consultation services to a range of industries
  • Managing social media accounts for others

Building Your Confidence and Live Your Best Life

Many people feel less confident following the pandemic. However, you can help build your confidence by taking small steps to improve your life physically, mentally, and financially. The simple things listed above are excellent starting points.

Building Confidence Post-Pandemic: Physically, Mentally, and Financially The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over, but life is starting to return to normal, with COVID-19 safety practices in place everyone will feel safer.

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Until next time be well.. be kind to each other. 

Mari-Lyn Harris


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