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Change How you Die Today

Change how you die today by having a more peaceful ending for loved ones and for those you leave behind. Even tie up those loose ends you don’t know about.

I recorded my presentation, as many people have asked me what does an End of Life Doula do? There are more frequently asked questions on this page

My complete services are in this Heart@Work.brochure.2 

We all know about life and death.. we are mostly too scared to pre-pare for it. What are you wishes? Start writing them down in journal.

How do you want to die:

  • Comfortably at home with people we want around us
  • Violently in a car crash or a crime
  • Prepared if anything should happen to yourself
  • Suicide assisted or otherwise

Whatever you chose, you get to decide how it all ends. Have a party, leave a legacy so people can make sure to celebrate your memory, so that it lives on I would be honored to assist you!
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Change How you Die Today, will benefit everyone

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