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Client Appreciation Marketing

Client Appreciation Marketing discovering  opportunities along the way to optimize by making yourself a trusted advisor and you be the talk of the town.

One must be appreciative and have something authentic to offer, to be noticed.”

It’s also where you take the time to really value and appreciate your clients. Give them the gratitude that they deserve. It’s more than just saying “Thanks for your business or that was a great job!”

Client Appreciation is an investment to those who you value. Your benefactors will feel appreciated and will support you in being successful. This marketing strategy is the easiest to implement with great results, especially on a limited budget.

  • You’ll have more desirable clients
  • You’ll be more attractive to your clients who will want to work with you and thus will refer you to other more desirable clients. This alone creates customer longevity and an increased lifetime value of the clients who want to work with you.
  • You’ll gain more recognition, from your peers and the people you associate with.
  • You’ll discover new mentors, form collaborative relationships and more people will want to help you to be successful.
  • Your sales and profits will be optimized
  • When you provide more value to your benefactors, the higher the fees you can charge; more referrals and/or recommendations will come your way.

What’s your offer? Client Appreciation Marketing isn’t about giving a promotional item. 

Your offer is not a promotional item, like a pen or mug with your company name on them. This is called advertising. A true appreciation gift or offer is something that comes from your heart or something you have taken the time to pick and give. It shows how much you care. After all, the gift you give represents you and who you really are as a professional in business.

Just the other day I met an Artist who does Pressed Flowers and Vegetables. She places them in a collection of 12, and sells the collection of cards that you can send to your clients, just to say “Thank you.” It’s an unique gift. I was doing small pieces of art work, my signature art sculptures as appreciation gifts. Not just as Christmas Gifts, but as Thank you gifts. My business cards were Hearts, as gift in itself, with messages on them.

Here are several things you can do to get started right away:

  • Subscribe to Send-out cards or write your own Thank you cards,
  • Send out Video e-mails just to say, “Thank  you, it was a pleasure to meet you!”
  • Create your own client loyalty program
  • Do client appreciation events
  • Give art as an appreciation gift – it’s personal
  • Personalize the gifts you give, after all the gifts you give represent you and the kind of person you are
  • Position yourself as a thoughtful and caring person
  • Call each client or benefactor and let them know that you appreciate them

How to attract more customers or fans?

  • You only need 1,000 true fans are enough to help you make a living
  • They’ll are people that can help you reach more people
  • They will buy your 1st edition, will share your content and bring friends to your events
  • A true fan has depth and commitment to your message, product and you
  • A true fan is hard to find, they can change everything
  • Fans desire your generosity and bravery to lead
  • They will amplify your message
  • Giving them attention
  • Give, give give with content, help or whatever they want
  • Find out more information about them
  • Share your journey with them
  • Care about them
  • Keep following-up with them

It’s amazingly easy how Appreciation Marketing will work for you. Silence is a killer. If you aren’t paying attention to the people you care about, your competition will. Appreciation always wins!
Go out and get noticed!

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