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Competition Proof Your Business

Competition Proof Your Business is written by Mark S. A. Smith he was discussing how entrepreneurs  can make their businesses competition proof.

It’s about how to create value and deliver produces in a way that customer will refuse from anyone else, but you.

I was listening to Daniel Alcorns’ call on Blog Talk radio, he was interviewing Mark Smith about his forth coming book. “Competition Proof Your Business.

Mark S. A. Smith, a co-author of three books in the “Guerrilla Marketing” series, discuss ways by which entrepreneurs can make their business “competition proof.”  While many business owners cite “price” as the primary reason customers defect to the competition, Mark’s blog, (doesn’t exist)  includes examples of how business owners create value and deliver products in a way that customers refuse to from anyone else, regardless of price.

Mark shared some ideas of keeping your clients so that they don’t go to the competition things like:

▪ Make it convenient for you clients to buy from you and think of you
▪ Location – this is important if you offer a location based business
▪ The experience that you can and do deliver
▪ Are you fun to deal with?
▪ Are you nice to people?
▪ Know your clients/customers preferences.

What are you going to do to make sure that your new year is the best that it can be? How are you going to capitalize on the New Economy and be Competition Proof?

Get Educated

Get your competitive edge by focusing on your education. With the poor economy, most people and companies have deferred education or scaled way back. It’s time to reverse that trend. There are many Tele-seminars, Webinars, Conferences to attend, on-line and off-line. This will help you educate your client and help you to be more knowledgable to improve your business.

Sales guru Brian Tracy suggests “Investing three percent of your income into self development and points out that it will return the highest return of any investment you’ll make.”

Pay it Forward

The next step is to educate your customer. The most dangerous thing to your competitor is a customer who’s educated. Transfer what you’ve learned to your customer. Also share your story of how and why you got into business, if this will educate your client/customer.

Appreciate your clients/customers – send them a card or video e-mail to thank them for their business, maybe include a gift certificate or promotional offer. Nominate them for a kindness hero award.

What special things do you do to competition proof your business? Love to read your comments and suggestions of things that work for you.

Get more quality customers 

We tend to listen to many experts in giving us advice how to do this. I like using crowd-source ideas, by listening to what other business people are saying and doing. The challenge for most of us is that when we are in our own forest – in other words we in the middle of our own business problems that we may feel overwhelmed at times.

More ideas about getting more customers

  1. By focusing on who your customer is, what kind of service/s are you offering to them.
  2. What’s your business model? How are you planning to create a profit for yourself?
  3. Social media can be an effective way to secure new clients. Sometimes it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of customers you have
  4. Create strategic partners, by tap into other distribution channels
  5. Pick 1,000 of your connections or suspects and start networking with them, once you have put them into your drip marketing campaign, select another 1,000.
  6. When someone shared this, this to me was my solution to trying to stay in touch with my LinkedIn connections.
  7. Do a highly targeted internet marketing strategy to help you get high quality leads at a fraction of your cost.
  8. Some say having an e-book works. As you insert your specialized knowledge that can be of interest your your online uses.
  9. If you are a local business be sure to be online. I was at a local women’s networking meeting, 20 out of 100 women were on-line the rest of the business owners felt because they were local businesses they don’t need to be.
  10. This is really a false belief. If you are looking for something what do you do 1st?  Google it first. If I meet someone online and I am going to be in their area I meet them for coffee. If I find something I am looking for online and they are local I’ll buy from them.

These are just a few, I would love to hear some new things you are doing to “Competition Proof Your Business

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