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Creating a Dynamic Community

Creating a dynamic community means being active in your groups online or where you hang out off line. It’s about sharing relevant content and being humble. 

What is “humble self promotion?” 

1 Building an honest Profile;
2 Helping others whenever possible;
3 Building relationships through the network rather than simply linking with those that might offer opportunities, etc.

We help each by sharing articles, information of interest to people who are a part of the group or forum. By building our own Brand if we put out good information, answers questions in a non-self-promoting way, contribute positively then this is the way it’s supposed to be. I am looking for a genuine opportunity to exchange ideas and information with current and new colleagues as well as share my expertise. As I demonstrate my competency, I hope that colleagues will keep me top of mind and make referrals for my follow up and exploration. My competency should be my expertise calling card and marketing tactic. by Darlene Sparks Washington

Join groups, less to honk my own horn, but to help where I can in the mentoring of others, whether new to the industry or tried and true veterans. I tend to subscribe to the mindset of the last person that knew everything was Aristotle (with the possible exception of Mark Twain), they are dead. So the rest of us, myself inclusive can but learn from the others in this and other forums. I think that anything that detracts from our communal helping of our colleagues does a disservice to the forum and the industry at large.

Having said that, I will start. My expertise is in creating operating plans for small businesses and people who are starting up. If someone would like to know more about the importance of this step in creating your business, I am happy to assist you. If it would be helpful, I can post tips on a bi-weekly basis so that people can learn how to do this for their clients. I will add that I will do this without asking for any compensation or leads.

I would like to know more about effective ways to market myself. I would like to hear how some of you generate clients and how much of your work comes from repeat clients. 
Let’s help each other as much as we can. I know I could use some mentoring. Debra Ward

Specific questions will provoke specific answers. Why do I belong to groups?
- to learn and exchange knowledge and information.
- to contribute whenever I can.
- to meet interesting new people. Arne Klingenberg

I’ve hoped to offer/ receive in a collaborative manner, do the best job, be ourselves and everything else will sort itself out. These ideas presented will help you to create or become a member of a dynamic community.

On that note, I’ll say my area of expertise is strategy and project management. Background in organization development, but found it was easier to sell “project management” because everyone knows what a project is – or at least thinks they know. I’ve had a lot of lovely people give me direction and advice over the years. And I’m sure I can still use that – especially new ideas so I don’t get bored or complacent, but am more than willing to offer it as well.
 Martha Legare

As a ‘one woman band’, sharing ideas/queries and asking for opinions/help is why I share. The self-promotion however cannot help but be apparent to some degree and in a subtle way by merely joining in the discussions (people buy people so you engage yourself with those who engage with you and get to know these people).

 So I suggest the flag wavers get over themselves and stop trying too hard to market themselves. Sharon Kendal

I share to find interesting offers and openings for myself as a freelancer and showcase what I do.

I’m interested in what’s available cause I need resources here and there and they are much easier to find at a specialist place like Linkedin. In the end lots of us here are small businesses, so sales and support go hand in hand and are close by.
 Martin Holzke

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I’d like to hear from other consultants how they find new clients and ideas for success. I am also ALWAYS looking for guests for my Blog Talk Radio Show and am always looking for someone who is sincere, knowledgeable, and a good fit….
Jeanne Grunert

We want to help each other. If I see something that is too direct, then I can ignore it – comments on Linkedin never feel like email spam to me. Plus, there is always so much of interest on these discussion forums.

So, if occasionally you find me sounding off about my wonderful ‘stuff’, please forgive me; I am trying to add value – but whether I do is always going to be someone else’s judgment call. James S.

In all the years the same issue people have when they connect with you, they pitch you rather than work on developing a relationship. 2nd, are people who don’t take time, to write a personal invite to connect. It’s a virtual greeting, on places like Alignable or LinkedIn .

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