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Creating A Referral Social Circle

Creating a referral Social Circle will help you to gain more referrals, this will improve sales and increase your reputation.

This is where you are inviting people to join you in your Social Circle. You can have friend circles, you can have service circles or have people who are you customers or referral circles. We all have them, we just may not have called them Social Circles before. They are all relationships that you have developed and nurtured.

Social Circles

If you are ready to create a Referral Circle, let’s start with a Business Service Referral Social Circle. What you are going to do is list all the business services that your company provides and a list of WHO that will benefit from your business products and services.

The next step is to find people in your network and your connections to see if they are a fit for you. This will require you to get in touch with these connections and see if they could be referral partners or can collaborate with you. If you would like additional help with this, contact me.

Business Services will look like:
• Coaches
• Book-keeping
• Accountants
• Lawyers
• Tax Professionals
• Speakers –
• Human Resources
• Recruiters
• Computer Support
• Graphic Designers
• Web/Blog providers
• Video services

Now List Business Products:
✓ Video products – cameras, webcam’s
✓ Office Furniture
✓ Printers
✓ Lights
✓ Computers

Once you have established a Social Circle for Services & Products, then you can move on to other Circles by inviting them to interact with you. Start with this because it is a BIG Social Circle that you want to complete 1st. This works great on Google+

You may already have people in your circle that you have as referral partners, this is ok – this is your Social Circle to help you get more business. You need to nurture these relationships, if however you would like to have someone else to add to your circle then this group may help you to fulfill what is missing.

Let’s Say a Prayer for new Opportunities

Dear God, Ascended Masters & Angels:

I ask that everyone who would receive blessing from my business services and products be guided to contact me today! I welcome new people and opportunities to me to serve, my arms are open wide. My heart is open for new connections and business.

I am wiling to release andy negative thoughts, patterns or beliefs that will lead me to sabotage new business. Please help me to know that I deserve my good now!
Thank you.

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