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Creating a thriving family

Creating a thriving family starts with asking for help, reaching out. We all suffer when one person is having a challenge needs extra care and attention.

Meet my friend, Emmalou Penrod, a wife, mother, grandmother, retired special education teacher, and author of the book, Navigating the Educational System, 5 Strategies to Get the Best for Your Child. She teaches parents how to lower stress in under 15 minutes a day.

Her online course, Power Parents, will teach you the keys to create that atmosphere and the skills you need to effectively advocate for your child.

Emmalou Penrod believes in helping parents and strengthening families. A healthy, thriving family is the foundation of a successful society. We can make the world a better place one family at a time. Join her in this Power Parents online class with 12 modules covering 6 critical areas of parenting a child with special needs– stress management, areas of control and influence, understanding your child’s unique needs, effective communication at home and with your child’s school, healthy boundaries, and family dynamics.

Become an even more effective parent for your child with Autism or ADHD.

· Regular price $297, today $97

· 12 modules

· 6 critical areas of parenting a child with special needs

By the end of this course, you will have the tools you need to manage your confidence level and emotions, communicate even more effectively with your child, get the IEP meeting results you want, and enjoy family meals and bedtime in a peaceful, orderly home.

Download her eBook and learn more about Power Parents Online Class:

You can also listen to our conversation on my Podcast show., I encourage you to learn more about Emmalou and how she can help you..then check out creating your playbook.. it’s simply writing down your wishes you want everyone to know about. It’s really simple.. I won’t get on my soap box now.

Ohh, I forget to mention Emmalou will be speaking at the Kindness@Work Conference coming up – July 27-29th, be sure to register.. get your complimentary tickets.

Most of you know that I also hosted a summit called Creating your family Legacy... if you want to get started and learn more about putting your will, trusts together.. I call it a playbook.. you can watch the show on YouTube. It’s also about creating a thriving family – when everyone is included.

I will be adding more people and services to Heart@Work,.. it’s really about being kind and caring for each other.

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