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Discover how wellness started

Discover how wellness started, learn the history of it, about the physical aspects, your mindset, your well-being, just start practicing something new everyday

Quizlet has a place you can create quizzes.. Several people have created quizzes about wellness.

When did wellness programs start? A way back in the 1900’s when labour unions fought for workers’ rights and as employers saw the advantages of having alert, rested workers.

Milton Hershey, the Founder of Hershey Chocolate, started by building a leisure park.. a place to hang out and rest became a wellness program.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s after the 2nd World War employers, veterans were returning home and into the workplaces – alcohol and substance abuse programs were introduced. EAP – employee assistance programs was beginning to take shape. Other initiatives like mental health for depression and PTSD.

Bigger companies also suggested the idea of fitness programs, it wasn’t until the 70’s where there was cultural turbulence, where more people  wanted equality, technological opportunities.  The health care costs were going through the roof and more unhealthy habits were causing problems at work.

OSHA was formed to make sure employees had healthy working conditions. occupation safety, ways to improve ones health and recreational fitness.

Well into 2000’s corporate wellness program were still on the focus of risk management, legal issues, ADA compliance  and costs.

What happened to the wellness for the people in these companies?

The employees failed to participate the what companies were providing, it wasn’t meeting their needs this was effecting the companies bottom line. It wasn’t until 2010 that the Affordable Care Act, overhauled health care coverage.. when employers started to offer insurance plans.

There were many studies done about workplace wellness, it was believed by David Chenoweth if leaders of companies were truly committed about their employees, then employees engagement increased as well. Leaders were tasked with creating  and organizational culture that would include wellness programs, coaching.. they could measure this with a NPS – Net Promoter Score.. still ’til this day companies are using the NPS to guide them in customer service and employee satisfaction. Get David’s ebook

Workplace wellness is supposed to help take away the risk factors and strengthen the employees. 

This is an introduction into wellness. it’s just become so wide now that it’s really challenging to address someone’s particular challenge.

Well-being has been described as health, good health, happiness, comfort, security, safety, protection, prosperity, profit, good, success, fortune, good fortune, advantage, interest, prosperousness, successfulness.

Happiness could be categorized in the positive psychology side of things. Leading into a well-lived, or a good life.

Kindness is a virtue that is a must have to live a happy and well-lived life.  

Compassion is often regarded as having sensitivity, which is an emotional aspect of suffering.  Compassion happens when you notice someone is hurt and could use some help and you go help them.

This is the general run down about wellness… How are you going to discover how wellness can work for you? Take a look under the services section. It will be updated with more programs around Kindness and Mental Health.. If you enjoyed this article about Discover how wellness started, please share it.

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One of the topics for the Kindness@Work Conference coming up on July 27-29th, 2021 Tuesday – Thursday…

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