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Do I have the right connections?

Do I have the right connections? The kind of people you want to grow your business with.  Buyers are now becoming more selective you, as a seller ought to be too!

Sellers who build their outreach strategy around buyer intent signals – understanding what buyers are interested in right now and identifying where they are on their journey – will be the ones finding success in 2023.

The marketplace of connection and meaning is more competitive than ever, do you know who you can reach out to to help you? For example social entrepreneurs lack a natural community of peers.

Cohorts can build a community that creates relationships and connections that allow for more risk-taking and smarter growth. In fact, the community and network of mentors, investors, and like-minded entrepreneurs is one of the most important parts of working in a business cohort.

People are looking for a connection right now. There is unprecedented opportunity for social entrepreneurs or bother business owners  looking to help communities connect and thrive. Finding the right Entrepreneur support organization can be a wise first step.

Need to ask yourself..”Do I have the right connections?” to grow my business and my employees happiness. What more can I do?

Most often your employees have answers for them, what about the growth for your business in the future what are your plans for the future, is everyone involved?

Improving the performance of your businesses through shared experiences and knowledge, through a CEO Co-hort group will really assist you. Each group is comprised of 10 – 12 executives from non-competing businesses who meet monthly on  an ongoing basis. Some of your benefits will be:

  • Better insight into your own business as well as the economy at large which will help you to compete and excel
  • New perspectives to stimulate fresh ideas about your opportunities and challenges
  • Enhanced skills to facilitate ongoing learning and performance improvements
  • A confidential sounding board comprised of experienced executives for both everyday and strategic decisions
  • Plus you will gain new connections and friends.
  • Oh, as a side bar you will be fed breakfast and lunch.

And finally….the proof is in! Companies with boards such a Co-hort groups outperform those that don’t have boards!!

If you want to learn more about finding the right connections, growing your business, thriving in your community consider joining a CEO Co-hort.  We’ll have guest speakers quarterly, social gatherings and small group sharing.

I am facilitating one starting the last Tuesday of each month here in the Fremont, CA area..Some people still enjoy using zoom, however a 4 hr stint is likely too much. We are meeting in person, with 10-12 other executives. I have created a video that you can listen to about the Co-hort for CEO’s.. and reserve your spot.


  • You must be responsible for the full operation of a qualifying business (e.g. CEO, President, Chairman, Managing Partner, etc.)
  • Be in business for two years
  • You have at least one employee who is not a family member
  • Only one business category per group..
  • Attend every meeting.. the last Tuesday of every month for 4 hours.
  • You’ll also be signing off on a confidentially agreement for everyone’s protection

If you feel you are ready to have more connections, really grow and thrive.. reserve your seat.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in joining the group please forward this email to them.


About Mari-Lyn  she was the Co-hort Coach for the SBA Thrive program in Sacremento last year. Been coaching start-ups since 1995. Will also be leading the CEO Advisory forums, in Sacremento with starting in May 4, 2023. Similar format just with my own spin. There is some information on the about me page.

P.S. Wrote this article in 2005, and it’s still a challenge for most businesses.  How to have a High Performing Business (2005)

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