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Elder Care Law

Elder Care Law,  Jason Neufeld  Esq. was on my podcast show last week, “Creating an Impactful Legacy” my guest is also affiliated with Neufeld, Kleinberg & Pinkiert, PA

A personal injury litigation law firm.

Jason Neufeld specializes in elder law care, why many times people need legal help and don’t know who to call or who to ask for help.

If you need a referral to a different kind of attorney (in an area of law that my firm cannot assist), I am always happy to refer you to someone I know and respect.

Get his book: “How to Get Medicaid to Pay for Some or All of Your Long-Term Care Expenses: Without Having to Wait Five Years, Without Having to Sell Your House, and Without Having to Go Broke First.” Book: expenses/dp/1513634712

Jason is on the board of the Academy of Florida Elder Care Law Attorneys and Co-Chair of the Broward County Bar Association Elder Law Section. Jason Neufeld, he is also affiliated with Elder Needs Insurance. Websites: and

Elder law is the specialized field of law that addresses the diverse legal needs of aging populations. It focuses on the legal issues affecting senior citizens and their elderly parents.

How Elder Law Works

Legal issues that impact seniors are governed by complex regulations and laws that vary by state. They often require a unique understanding of the personal impacts of aging, which can make you or your loved ones more physically, financially, and socially vulnerable. Elder Care law addresses the various decisions and circumstances that come up later in life. It also deals with how your estate plan will be executed after your death. Read more

Hope you enjoyed this conversation.. I am still on holidays.. will be returning July 1.. if not sooner



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