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Empower Your Marketing Mindset

To empower your marketing mindset “Learn to love Marketing.” Yep, write out affirmations “I Love Marketing” “I Love Communicating” I Love to learn.”

You get the idea – You’ll need a mindset to carry out your marketing, this will help you to advance your business and have customers which equal to being profitable.

The kind of things that I find I am really into is using different forms or ways to communicate, to help me to get the message out to you. I am always learning from other people or doing my MSU. We can use crowd-sourcing, do research on line about the topics we want to know more about or we can just simply share our experiences.

I usually attract women, who don’t know how to do Marketing, how to use Social Media or are clueless, don’t feel that you are alone, as there are many other women who have the same challenge.

When I first arrived in Sedona, I would always be asking my husband how do I do this? I can’t find this? Show me again. Finally he just said, to me figure it out for yourself. I learned how to set-up wordpress blogs, fix the errors, how to make my way around a MAC, learning different programs. I learned even more when I switched to a different ISP ( much more than what I really wanted to know), however, I am much smarter now, because when something isn’t working, I can usually figure it out.

It just takes time and a willingness to learn and soon you will become a master at whatever you need to or want to learn. You then will appreciate what goes into your marketing efforts and the skills you have learned.

Here’s some tips to help you to have a Marketing Mindset:
• Be Positive
• Learn to Love it! – Like the button says “I Like it”
• Be willing to learn new skills and ways of doing things
• Record what marketing you do everyday
• Expand your mind – read other blogs, magazines
• Write and share your content to help others learn
• Maintain and develop relationships with people
• Seek out new opportunities that will help you to communicate better
• Continue to use tools that you can serve your customers better


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