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Ever feel stuck or hi-jacked?

Ever feel stuck or hi-jacked? Make a list of 10 things you love and you have experienced before, which excite you. As you are writing them down you will feel the happiness in your body when think of it.

List the 10 things you love and have already experienced. Then choose one item from the list, close your eyes and imagine that event or experience up to 30 seconds. Imagine with all your senses the experience. See the environment, is anyone there with you, remember how it felt, were there any smells or sounds? Were there any tastes you can add? Did you enjoy the experience? Move onto the the one on the list.

Essential oils to add to your kit – the smell lingers, use 100% pure essential oils only, no blended oils.

  • If you are doing sales calls use Cedar Wood – it will help you stay calm and grounded. Give you balance and clear your stress and inner critic.
  • Orange or citrus will increase your energy, boost, uplift, help you breathe, it’s also a great hand sanitizer.
  • Lavender will help you relax on a physical and emotional level. Great in your bath too, up to 15 drops.

Breathing techniques:

Breathe, oxygenate the body and brain do 15 reps filling 70% of your lungs, expand and contract your belly. Through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this two times a day, you’ll start to notice the pattern in your breathing.

Set your intentions for the day. Wayne Dyer has a few ideas in his book “The Power of Intention.”

  1. See the world as abundant and a friendly place to be. Change the way you look at things. You never know. So don’t doubt!
  2. Attract happiness, success and abundance in my life because that is who I am
  3. Allowing is a perfect alignment. Picture abundance freely flowing to you
  4. Feel good no matter what other people think of you, it’s not of your business. Don’t take things personally.
  5. Act passionate, speak to people with passion and care
  6. Know that your supply is endless. Be generous.
  7. Monitor your emotions, feel good, be inspired and enthusiastic
  8. Own that your supply is unlimited. Don’t hoard your ideas
  9. Meditate for 15-20 minutes per day
  10. Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful even if what you want hasn’t showed up yet.
Ever Feel Stuck Or Hi-Jacked?
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