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Friendly Building Blocks for the Internet

Friendly building blocks for the internet, as we all know anything new can seem a bit scary. It’s not, it’s fun!

For some people it’s skydiving and for others it’s the Internet!! Yes, the good old internet with it’s ability to reek havoc for the technology challenged. If you fall in this category, it may be good for you to know that the internet and social media is not a scary place.

In fact, it’s pretty interesting that the idea of an internet emerged in the early 1950’s and now has grown into a powerful tool allowing people the ability to communicate, exchange information and conduct business like never before.

I can assure you that even if you have yet to take the plunge there are some great benefits of doing so because of the relationships you can build. I’ve been able to keep in better touch with old friends and those who live far away.

This is all due to social media’s ability to transcend geographical & time constraints. Even if you have never met your online friend in person the ability to share pictures, exchange recipes or lend an ear is very real. The best part is that you can have a running conversation where time is no longer an issue.

You simply pick up where you left off. It really is amazing!

As a huge fan of technology, I have to admit that I’m a bit biased since there are so many ways that I use the internet within my daily life. I run my businesses exclusively on the internet .

One of the side benefits that has evolved from my internet use is that I’ve become paperless and haven’t bought a box of paper in over 2 years! No kidding! I pay my bills online, look up movie schedules, get directions (even though Mapquest and I have had a few disagreements) and yes, even socialize.

Below are 3 easy building blocks to help you get started:

Ask… Why? Your first step is to get your mind right. Become clear as to why you want to use the internet or social media. Are you wanting to keep in touch better with friends and colleagues or is it just a marketing tool that will allow you exposure? Once you clarify how it will fit your needs then you can proceed with more confidence in mastering its use.

Break away from your fear by gathering facts and experiences from those around you. By conducting an informal survey of friends and family you will soon find out if your fears are justified. You will also be surprised how much you will learn by asking! Make sure to also solicit help from these same friends and family should you become stuck.

Connect. I recommend you start with one social media or a community site (Facebook ) and then once you are comfortable add another. You will even learn some tricks that you can carry on to your new community thereby making that experience much easier.

With a bit of time and patience you can easily navigate within the internet world and social media with ease. By taking the simple steps listed above you will soon become a true social media maven! It can be a bit overwhelming at first but stay open to the benefits as you connect with others and watch your relationships expand and grow deeper. It all starts with you, so go out there and have some fun!

De Harris brings over 17 years of expertise as a manager, business owner, and personal & business development coach. As the Founder & President of The WOW Network Alliance & CEO of AllBiz Web Support, she has worked with a wide variety of large & small businesses, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to formulate their voice and presence through on/offline branding, organization and marketing systems that build better business. De Harris is passionately dedicated to keeping the web/tech challenged expert ‘in the know’ by offering solid networking connections and support through educational opportunities with experts from around the world.


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