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Getting Seen and Heard

Getting seen and heard seems to be harder even though we have so many other places to post, create content by sharing our journey with our audience. What else?

Becoming an Authority in YOUR Niche  is sometimes just challenging, unless we can get help from other people.  What we want is to GET it from the tip of our nose to the very tips of our toes, and then to discover how to get well seen and well heard so we can be well known and well paid.

If you’re a soul-o-preneur, a self-employed professional,  you are ready to receive the benefits of being a V.I.P.  Very Important Professional, you will want to learn how you too can be heard and seen, without screaming.

In order to support you on your journey of becoming an authority in your niche – I’ve been doing a Podcast series about “How to create an impactful legacy.”   It’s where I interview you, for about 30 minutes, it’s  call about how you help and serve the B2B – Business 2 Business to create this impactful legacy. If you are ready for being  interviewed, here’s more about the show:

My intention to bring together speakers, trainers together who will share their experiences in the space of creating a happier culture for better productivity.

Topics are be about productivity, profits, leading with kindness and the workplace culture. Audience is for CEO’s, Business Owners and Non-profit Leaders.

As your host,  I’ve been known as the Kindness Lady – For a little more about me,  I created Heart@Work with the intention of promoting and implementing Kindness in the workplace. I got started by producing two “Kindness 2 Kolleague Conferences,”  ( 1999 & 2001) and the Kindness Hero Awards (2001 – 2015). Facilitated workshops and spoke about kindness in the workplace.

The PodCast Series to me is like doing a Conference again only it’s digital. All the Podcasts are located here  Each person that participates will have a post for their bio, offer and contact info along with their interview.  To book your interview, there is one for Podcasts. please use this link.

Once your call is booked, I’ll send you the rest of the information you’ll need to get ready for the call.

You can now also listen to the shows on iTunes.

Thank you, for entrusting me to help you, all the people who have gone before you, we are  participating in a collaborate book.. It’s a legacy project, of whom we will be working with Mitchell Levy..(my sister told me, he’s the most honest guy you would want to work with)

If you would like more information about the book, just reach out to me in the group or call me 510-320-8332.  How else would you like to be seen and heard?

Getting Seen And Heard
P.S. Be sure to join our community on Facebook – it’s called Kindness@Work.  I’ve tried groups on LinkedIn, they just aren’t as active.

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