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Got enough referrals?

Got enough referrals? How would you like more referrals? I ask this question as some people don’t rely on referrals. Not enough service providers ask for them

So many service-based entrepreneurs don’t have a “Thank you” system to keep referrals to keep coming in either.

What is your 30-second introduction when you go out networking? It’s usually something like this:
_____ name _____ company and what services or products I represent. Done.

How about if you reframed your introduction to what the problem is then saying who you like to work with __________. The reframing of your introduction can help with getting more referrals, this allows the people of whom you are talking to hear you more easily.

How are you at listening to what people say back to you? Do you really listen or are you thinking about what you would like to say to them? Besides networking, there are many other ways to get referrals. Networking gives us an opportunity to explore, build relationships with people first before trying to do business with them. Not everyone is going to give you a referral or do business with you from the first meeting. You have to build and develop those relationships first, you know what not everyone is going to be a fit.

I took a refresher workshop called Power-Up your Follow-Up by Debbie Hoffman who has developed a program a system to help people follow up better. I know for me personally, I was dropping the ball so bad, that I knew I had to do something to change the direction I was going.

Even though I have been writing about Relationship Marketing for a long time, sometimes we get stuck.

I’ve been working on a “Thank You” system to help people keep getting more referrals. The highest compliment you can have is a referral from your clients & friends. Wouldn’t you agree?

What’s a Happy Customer worth to you? Watch my video on this topic. What’s a happy customer worth to you?.

I would like to invite you to take a look at your referral base to see if you have enough and how could you improve it?

A “Thank You system” will help you develop deeper relationships with your current clients/customers to keep those referrals coming in.

Until next time, keep your comments and suggestions coming in!  Want more ideas? read these..

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