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Happiness at Work

Happiness at work comes from creating ways in which you can create a plan so you can be happier or exit out at work. Our happiness really depends upon ourselves.

Tammy Goen, a keynote speaker from the kindness conference sent me this PDF, that says “you matter,” she said she started sharing the cards when she’s in the grocery store, out at a meeting.  I’ll attach the pdf for anyone that would like to print them out and do the same. Here is her hand out that you can down load and share with people you see. You Matter

Dr Kathryn Owler Is An Academic And Researcher, from her Research When it Comes to Work, Practical Strategies for Finding More Joy and Purpose at Work Can Happen, Kathryn and I did a podcast call together, she works with women who want to be happier at work. During her research after her own experiences that she decided to help others. You can watch it here..

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” 
― Abraham Lincoln

KRIFA is a labour market organisation established in 1899 with approx. 200,000 members. For us, ‘job satisfaction’ is more than just an expression. It is our mission. We want to create experienced job satisfaction for the individual in every phase of working life, in working communities and in the workplace.

THE JOB SATISFACTION KNOWLEDGE CENTRE studies and analyses working life in order to find out what creates job satisfaction, and what we can do to improve it. It continuously charts Danes’ job satisfaction in the Job Satisfaction Index, as well as producing various studies into what gives working life meaning, how leadership affects job satisfaction and other issues to do with the labour market.

Find out more at

THE HAPPINESS RESEARCH INSTITUTE is an independent think tank that provides research-based knowledge on wellbeing, happiness and quality of life at society and organisation level. It publishes analyses in collaboration with selected partners, and advises decision-makers in Denmark and abroad. Find out more at

Long and Happy Lives  The Happiness Research Institute, commissioned by Ældre Sagen,  2020 

Can we support increased life expectancy with increased wellbeing, or is loneliness the price we must pay for longer life? What are the primary challenges we face as a society to promote successful aging today, and how will they evolve over the next three decades? Can we even afford to pay the socioeconomic price of unhappiness?

These are issues we try to shed light on in this report by investigating the link between subjective wellbeing and 26 different life conditions for adults over 50 years old. We hope it will spark new ideas and discussions about how to secure quality of life in aging societies. Read more

Just to update you, I will be doing a Legacy Playbook Master Class on September 28th.. stay tuned for the details. Meanwhile you can watch this video about it.

Wishing you all the happiest week, and don’t forget to get my newest booklet to help you to start to create your own legacy howtocreatelegacybook 


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