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Happy Giving Day 2019

Happy giving day 2019, it seems to be this time of year our lives are really busy. Inviting you to take a moment appreciate for everything you have today!

Sure, you may not have the best job, or place to live or maybe you don’t, go hug a tree and send out blessings to people, you’ll begin to feel better – grateful.

I caught myself complaining about how other people have more than what I have. Mostly the things. I just stopped myself and started to bless them, just to know they likely worked hard too to get where they are or what they have bought themselves.

Just take the time out everyday and bless other people we all on our own journey – maybe we are hiding our light, rather than being the light. Guiding and mentoring others is a wonderful gift to give. (without expectation of getting some thing back). Giving and being kind to someone is one of the most important gifts to give. What would it cost you? It will certainly, help you to feel better about yourself and your situation.

In your busyness, take the time for the rest of the week, just to breathe, hug someone or a tree give them Love and bless the people around you.

Here’s a gift for you by Christine Sheldon


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