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Have you been energetically jumpy lately?

Have you been energetically jumpy lately, is something I've noticed it all started on the weekend, when the lunar Eclipse came into play.

Living Well I went to support a friend in her TEDx talk, we’ve been meaning to meet, we finally did  along with all the other people I see on the zoom calls. It was great, her talk was inspired by her son.

After we all went to a local restaurant to meet up, network, I was noticing the energy in the room and how jumpy I was. Ok, I’m here let’s make the best out of it.

I  ate, walked around and introduced myself to people who I didn’t know in the group. We chatted, great discussions. What I noticed one of gals was always talking, not really listening, just taking all the airspace at the table. I was thinking to myself, do I say something to her or leave it be?

Soon after, self told me it’s time to leave the restaurant, why? I don’t know its’ just time to leave. I paid the waiter,  said goodbye to everyone and left. 

Driving home I’m asking myself why did I have to leave?

It was  just due to that my energy was draining. Due to this gal I couldn’t stay and likely I would have pulled her aside to tell her there are other people who would  likely liked to add to the conversation beside her. 

I noticed the night before when I was facilitating a zoom meeting she was doing the same thing, people whole put up their hand to speak and she would just jump in and start talking.. to me this is disrespectful. Not considering other people.

My choice is either say something to her or just avoid groups with her in it.

Then today (Tuesday) I felt jumpy, why are you feeling jumpy?

I don’t know, I just stopped and took a couple breathes and I was ok.

When I went to this event I brought some of my painted bags, with toiletries, socks, snacks and water. I gave one to each person and asked them it give it away someone one the street or a friend.. go out and uplift someone. That was fun, then I didn’t have to find 10 people to give them too myself.

In reflection, of the past week, it’s really about listening to ourselves and when we feel our energy is getting drained, support ourselves with a time out, deep breaths, letting go and even say NO! it’s a one word sentence.

In ending, I have a new ebook called the 12 tips to not leave a mess. you can get it on the home page and what you will get with the tip book are 12+ weekly tips for anyone who wants to be a DIYer. In getting started. I give the you link and were you can find the information.

With the solar eclipse, arrival it will mean more to some people than others. 

The astrological significance of a solar eclipse

Astrologically speaking, eclipses are thought to bring matters to light, coaxing out secrets. They help us acknowledge truths that we haven’t noticed before, or outright denied.

Being that this is a solar eclipse, which is similar to a dark or new moon, we may not get a major reveal — those tend to happen during full moons and lunar eclipses because the moon’s light exposes truths. 

So until we know the whole story, we will just have to trust our gut when moving forward.

As we move forward, the coming week.. I’m leaving you with a meditation from Mercedes Warrick.

Be well, stay curious!

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Mercedes Warrick purposes is simply to teach. Based on my life’s experiences, like cancer and more, there are lessons and insights gleaned. Beyond the certifications and formal learning, I know ALL of us have an innate gift, much of which can only be experienced through living life. I have experienced mine deeply. My service is to teach you how to commune with Source God within you..

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