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Here are 5 ways your incredible voice makes an impact

Here are 5 ways your incredible voice makes an impact, on other peoples lives, everyday your voice can be used for good by sharing it with everyone.

Last week, I got a cold and cough where I didn’t have a voice not one that I could speak through. I was asking friends to make phone calls for me, wanted to make some quick video’s of messages, couldn’t no voice. People were emailing me how come you haven’t called me back?

Well, it’s like this.

oh, I’ll follow up with you in a week. I haven’t heard back from them after I suggested in a few days I ought to be available.

Side bar: Then there was this guy who was offering free LinkedIn reviews. I took him up on his offer. Guess what, since I didn’t have the intention on working with him right away – one of his team members told me that I don’t qualify to work with them??

Be ware of people who offer a gift and don’t actually give it.

I decided today, that I would do a quick video about asking what are you saying or not saying to make an impact with your voice? I posted it, unfortunately I didn’t get many responses. Why would this be? Maybe it’s true, everyone only wants to hear what they are saying not what someone else is saying.

Our unforgettable voice speaks volumes whether we are speaking out loud or not. Is your tribe listening? Are you listening? Being quiet for 4 days gave me time to do some inner reflection and some time to think “How am I going to use my voice?” Not just in the physical sense, also who am I willing to give my voice to? Is there a community group that could use my voice? Is there something that I really want to say and haven’t said? Is there a cause or someone that I need to clear the air with?

We all have an unforgettable voice.. use it wisely. Be grateful for it. Don’t hide it, it’s meant to be shared and expressed. Don’t worry about if no one is paying attention to you in the moment. It’s like dance do it, even though no one is watching, do it anyway. You’ll give yourself strength and courage just to keep moving on.

What kind of things can you explore with your voice?

  • Do a podcast series – whether you interview others or just do a solo series. (it’s great content for your blog and social media)
  • Voice is becoming popular in searches – read and record your blog post for those who cannot read.
  • Practice doing video’s even if its a 30 day challenge about being kind, gratitude or how to be happy or whatever moves you
  • Speak up – defend others
  • Share your opinions in Q & A’s or forums
  • Don’t be silent – we’ll miss your voice.

Love to hear from you, leave a comment or post it on Facebook. Together, let’s celebrate the holiday season by following our voice and sharing love and light all around the globe.

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