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How are You Marketing You?

How are you marketing you, yourself, whether you are off line or on line. Are you connecting or engaging with people.

Have we become unsocial? Was one of my posts, some people replied to me, I hope not or No we aren’t..

I began to do something different, I started to call people that I am connected with on Linkedin, Facebook or even Twitter. I had some really good conversations with people and some were not happy or thrilled that I called. Some responses were “How did you find my phone number?” “What do you want?” or they would immediately jump into, “I do this..blah blah and excuse themselves from the telephone“. I would think a few of the people I spoke to were uncomfortable in talking to someone who just wanted to get to know them as a person and of course what they do.

The other wonderful people that I spoke to were of like-minded to say Thank you, or Thanks for reaching out,  I may have made their day.

The interesting thing I noticed that many people do not have contact information on their website. Why not?

What’s up with is?

You don’t want anyone to contact you?

The contact forms are good, however I would recommend that you also have a phone number. You can get a google or Skype number so people can get a hold of you at least.

Doing this reaching out by calling people to say hello, also gave me an opportunity to clean up my own address book. A little perk for myself, because truthfully I only really want to connect with people that I can have a conversation with. Not necessarily that we business together, maybe we can support each other while we work on our own projects and businesses. or introduce each other to people that would benefit us.

My question to you is – “How are you marketing your business?”

Marketing isn’t just about using social media, it’s also how you show up networking or doing a one on one call with someone. If you don’t know them personally, if they are strangers to you, people still deserve your kindness. It’s all a part of relationship marketing.

In doing my own services I’ve decided to provide Marketing and Relationship services to Women who are wanting to move their passion or project forward. Many years ago I have coached and mentored new entrepreneurs in their marketing and sales. Even though Marketing is reversed it’s not done in a traditional manner any more, you still need to market yourself by networking, developing relationships, and many other tools are available to make your life easier.  When you don’t do your marketing your sales will suffer, the basic rules are 80% marketing and 20% is actual sales or having revenue.

Who is helping you with your marketing? If you need some extra help, consider me to help you. My clients will speak for themselves..Testimonials

Have you made it over to my Facebook page to ask a Marketing question yet? Or enlisted in the Blog Challenge that is happening right now? You can leave your questions and posts on Heart@Work’s page

I look forward in meeting and helping you soon!  Tapping into Success!


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