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How metrics increase visibility

How metrics increase visibility, a meaningful metric might be: What search terms are driving traffic for my site, open rates and keywords all count carefully

Take for example understanding your E-mail Open Rate

  • Email marketers have measured their efforts since the dawn of email marketing time by their email open rate. However, email systems don’t treat emails the way they once did, and this measurement no longer measures what most marketers think it does.
  • Email open rate is most commonly measured by inserting a small, one-pixel-by-one-pixel image (usually a white speck on a white background) somewhere near the bottom of the email template. But because email systems like Gmail and Outlook no longer open images within emails by default, many emails are read without this image being opened — which means that email is not registering as having been “opened” at all.
  • So more and more, E-mail Open Rates are delivering far less accurate, meaningful data than we have been trained to expect.  Yet marketers the world over continue to live and die by this metric.

Are you still reporting out on open rates for your email marketing? Are you wondering what you should be using instead of this metric? Now in 2021, you also have to consider Apples new email for privacy rules. How will they affect you.

What about Keywords?

Of all the metrics in use in online marketing, keyword rank is the one most fraught with danger. CEOs and marketers alike have lavished attention on keyword rank for years.  It’s measurable, it yields a discrete number, and you can track your progress versus your competitor over time. Right? The best keyword search tool is Uber Suggest by Neil Patel


Search has changed enormously over the last few years, yet marketers continue to measure as if nothing has changed since 2005.  Search engines increasingly return personalized results based on prior search activity, geographic results based on location and IP address, and international results based on server location and other factors. Please use keywords responsible

The simple fact is, there is hardly such thing as a discrete keyword rank any more; two people who enter a search term into a search engine are likely to receive different — and sometimes wildly different — results. Keyword rank is far from meaningless — but it is also not the simple, straightforward metric most marketers take it for.

A more meaningful metric might be: What search terms are driving traffic for my site? Better still, What search terms are yielding actual customers for my business?  Wouldn’t you rather take those numbers to the bank?

Advertising is important

Advertising is an integral strategy when working towards business success and growth. Internet advertising is extremely competitive. The vast numbers of websites using online marketing make it essential to have a website that attracts viewers and helps bring your online marketing to the next level.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, makes this possible. The purpose of SEO is to increase the visibility of a website for internet consumers. When internet consumers shop for products or services online using a search engine, SEO will allow a website to be easily found by search engine queries.

One of the ways SEO accomplishes this is by editing content of a website to increase its relevance to specific keywords. For example, if an auto insurance company in Walla Walla, Washington wanted to increase its visibility, SEO consultants might change the content of their website to increase its relevance to their keywords.

Another way SEO increases the visibility of a website is to use search engine friendly web design, they call it responsive. Websites are designed with a landing page, or home page, as well as associated content pages.

Back links to the landing page from a content page or blog post they are called cross links. By creating cross links back to the landing page from each associated content page, the landing page becomes more visible. A website’s design with menus for cross linking allow for more information to be shared and more keywords to be used creating a more visible web page.

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