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How Reciprocity Works – Kindness

How reciprocity works much like kindness helping someone else – be sure to stay in touch with them, get to know people, even if it is just chit chat, asking them how you can support them and eventually your connections will start to reach out to you and want you to win!

Many times I have offered my support by asking people, can I interview you? What kind of support or exchange can we do to help each other? This kind of exchange usually ends up to be rather successful. If not now, later.

What happens when someone abuses your Kindness?

A friend of my a friend, I feel abuses the privilege of being a friend. I’ll call her Pam.(not her real name) Whenever she needs help who does she call? My friend, now I know my friend has said, “Sure give me a call,” so how often is too much?..I have realized that when someone goes too far in the friendship it’s up to each of us to say so. And quit jumping every time people like the Pams’ call for help. This creates a dependency and over time resentment, they are no longer really being a friend nor is it a healthy friendship.

Do you have these experiences? Many of us do and sometimes we decide to ignore it all. The best solution that we can do for ourselves and for the other person who is too needy is to let them know that you are not available every time they call. Put some space, communicate why we are putting some space in-between them and you. It’s important to have healthy friendships / relationships with people. Set your boundaries. Being kind does not mean accepting “whatever” from other people.

What I have personally learned from this situation is asking myself “Am I being too Kind or too nice with someone? When do I break my own rules? When am I giving my power away?

If you have any of these types of connections and friends, it’s good to clean them up. I want to leave you with this poem that Denise L. Cook wrote you can find her at The Oracle

Don’t Slam the Door
Don’t slam the door in the face of another coming in. Swing open wide the portal through which opportunity is found. The archway to joy, the pathway to happiness and the road to intimate peace lie beyond.

Don’t slam the door in the face of another coming in. Extend the hand of ease with which another can grab hold. Reveal the speed bumps, potholes, and exposed ditches along the way.

Don’t slam the door in the face of another. Each person you meet connects you in with way with God. Each person you touch reunites you with the spirit of the Universe. Each person you love instills in our a permanent place in the heaven you create. Each person you give yourself to in truth and complete honesty endears you to God.

Don’t slam the door in the face of another coming in. The reality is you’d be slamming the door in the face reflected in the mirror of life.

Don’t slam the door against yourself.

Happiness & Love


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