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How SEO Marketing Drives Clients

How SEO marketing drives clients to your website. Since 2010, SEO is much different now, however you can still glean some ideas from this post, it’s worth doing.

John Stewart • It works very, very, very well. I have brought in very qualified B2B leads from Fortune 50 companies in the past year through SEO, and 2-3 of them have generated nearly a million dollars worth of revenue already (which is a lot considering the economy and that one of them is a massive financial institution). It doesn’t work for every industry, but it can reap wonders if properly executed. There’s nothing like having A+ leads come to you without much effort. The only issue is that the leads are usually fairly far into the purchasing process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t convert the business.

Justin Parks • I get why your asking the question Ulrich. SEO is seen as a bit of a dark art even today. 

Let me try and summarise. 

Its a science to the best extent that it can be considered a science. There are various rules and fundamentals that should always be addressed and followed if you wish to do SEO successfully over the long term. The rules can be manipulated in the short term in a “black hat” or unethical manner but will result in termination or removal from results once detected (no one knows how long this can take, it can be almost immediate or it could take years).

Angie Nikoleychuk (Haggstrom)
Proper SEO takes time, skill, understanding, knowledge and because of the nature of the internet and search engines, constant research and adaptation to the fundamental rules as they change periodically and the technology available advances. 

This shakes the science and adds the alchemy as no one is 100% sure of the rules because the search engines will not and cannot clarify the full requirements because of black hat manipulation by unscrupulous SEO/people/businesses and also because of competition (eg Yahoo v Bing v Google).

Taking all that and the fact that every single business is unique in how it approaches the market, how it addresses its product or service, how customers interact and react and the competition in the market and you can have complicated and varied industry. 

I could go on for hours I guess, but that’s the best I can do without writing a book on the subject. 

If you want a good read on the subject I would suggest you have a look at this article here. Its an excellent objective piece on the matter.

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