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How to Add Value to Your Relationships

How to add value to your relationships. Part of the value you add is when you know your persona of your customer.

This part of the process in any business on or off line connections, customers, clients or buyers is so key..yet so many people that I have spoken to want to avoid it. Why? When it will make it so much easier for you and you’ll save a lot of time. This works for any kind of relationships you want to have in your life. If not, here’s a five step process:

1.  What qualities, dispositions and descriptions of a persons’ traits don’t you want to work with? List all the negatives. The more you list the easier it will to tally what is really important to you.

2. Then take your list of negatives and on the other side of the list write down all the positives. If you remember Lincoln’s close – he used this before he made a decision. It’s the pro & con list.

3. Pick the top 10  to 20 qualities that you like, that you would like to work with and create a statement with those 10 to 20 qualities.

4. Now, on Side 3 – list the kind of services or products that you want to provide to this client. Be very specific. Do not leave any stone unturned. Think about the hours you want to keep, the money you want to make, how you are going to deliver it,  what you are willing to do, to be of service?

5. On Side 4 – list whatever you want to provide, but aren’t doing so or being now. It might be, that you website or blogging site isn’t up, or you aren’t paying your bills on time, or whatever… Side 4 is what you need to start doing to begin to attract clients to you…

Finally, I will add start thinking and saying “I look forward to having ____  clients/customers.” “I look forward in having ____ amount of money.” “I look forward in having these ____ kind of relationships.”

Now that you got this started – Tick’s definition is: “Having regular repeated actions that match; a description of who they are; a label or tag.”

If you don’t know what makes your customers tick, you’ll discover that people will expect you to deliver a product or service that you don’t want to do, aren’t able to do, your relationships won’t be successful and you’ll find lots of challenges within that relationship. Simply, because it’s not a match, it’s because you and the other person just don’t tick. A perfect example, is I went to met someone from online to in person, yes, we had a great chat, however there was something missing or uncomfortable with it. There wasn’t a connection or a flow.

When I sat down and wrote out my Relationship Profile for the kind of customers I wanted to work with– everything started to move along quickly. I first started with a Friend Circle – simply because I really needed and wanted more friends to support me while I was going through a burn-out from a contract that was ending.

This is what I came up with for my Friend Circle: 

“My friends are comfortable like a supportive bra. We cherish each other by encouraging, advocating, endorsing our feelings and beliefs.”  (The guys may not appreciate this – but then they can just figure out what works for them.) 

When Patricia and myself did a workshop together one of our participants got an ahh, when she wrote out her profile of her Ideal customer.

Even though there were many entrepreneurs in the group, everyone had their own targeted audience and wanted different kinds of customers as together they wrote out their plans. Within their own targeted audience they knew what made their customers tick. 

For example Michelle’s prospective customers wanted an opportunity to buy their own business within a structure, like what a Franchise offers. Michelle was able to narrow it down to the prospects profile and only accepted who met her profile or matched her client profile.

Linda Finstad wanted to be famous for her Equine Photography, once she wrote out what she was willing to offer and provide she only worked with the perfect people for her.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about what makes your customers tick.
1.    Why am I doing what I do for?
2.    Who are they?
3.    What are their values?
4.    What is their personality?
5.    What matters to me?
6.    What matters to them?

If the customer doesn’t match your “Tick” you’ll find that it won’t be a good match for you. You’ll also discover your clients will have different expectations of what you are willing to or can or want to provide. Write out what you are willing to provide and what makes your perfect customer, Tick; read it often so whenever a contract or customer comes to, you’ll just need to read it to know what will work for you. 

Here’s what makes my customers Tick for me.

They are open to crazy ideas, helpful, ethical, loyal, and honest, provides high value when it comes to being who they are. Thus they treat people with respect, consideration and appreciation. They create powerful and successful relationships that are prosperous for all concerned.” Like Carol Deckert for example.

Are you ready to transform who your customers are and what makes them tick?

Start by answering the few questions and you will be surprised who they turn out to be. I’ll guarantee that within 48 hours once you complete this lesson, that you’ll attract the perfect client that you have written down for yourself. If they aren’t what you want, then you had better go back and edit who you truly want to work with. By the way this is an on-going process..editing and deleting.

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