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How to Automate Your Social Media

How to automate your social media, here are 9 ways in which you can get started. Learn the benefits of using it.

You don’t want do this for everything otherwise you will lose the connection to your audience. A word about automating your campaigns, particular Twitter, is eventually you will lose your client base. Social Media is about engagement and connecting with people, by having conversations with them.

The tools I really like using are:

Tweet, if you partner up with a few people you communicate often with, you can their blogs to their audience. You each get an extended audience to reach, you are opening up to sharing your audience. keep your status updated and of course now you can post to Twitter, make sure you don’t tweet the same messages at the same time. It’s really messy and annoying for others. you can post to Facebook and Linkedin they are all optional. It’s not an automatic thing for me to post on all streams all at once. When I see a Facebook business page covered in Tweets, then they are just broadcasting they are not engaging with their fans.

On their blog they have article about what marketers need to know about Twitter.

Linkedin button, you can upload this plugin if you are using wordpress as your software for your blog. When people visit your site, they can share on Linkedin to their connections. – their “Like” button is wonderful. It can be shared easily with people who read your blog posts. Please note now, you have to apply for a developers application from Facebook so each blog that is registered has it’s own registration number. It takes time to get it working, once you do it will work for you.

Scoop is my latest tool, I can post my own content or I will scoop out content that matches my topic that I have chosen to post about. My scoop it, is about relationships and marketing. Scoop It will send me information from Google and I can select it for my daily news paper.

Twitter News – it aggregates all the news from the people you follow to create a newspaper.

Good Food News is one I have for Sedona Pies.
What are your favorite tools you like using?

TweetDeck – Platform-specific tools have the power to revolutionize vanilla applications and make them into far more productive tools of trade. TweetDeck is one powerful enhancement to Twitter.

The app allows businesses to schedule, monitor and queue up Tweets remotely. The app ensures that marketers can discuss certain content and analyze audience tastes to release Tweets best suited to their followers’ interests. TweetDeck can make Twitter an even more lucrative platform for businesses.

Buffer – Buffer offers a swift solution for businesses swamped by the multiple social media accounts they must manage. The application innovates marketing by allowing individuals and businesses to queue posts for their various accounts. Buffer works for several third-party extensions, in addition to the regular line-up of social platforms.

The key points of the benefits of using social media marketing are:

▪ Improved Sales
▪ Generated exposure for businesses
▪ Resulted in new business partnerships
▪ Generated qualified leads
▪ Reduced overall marketing expenses
▪ Improved search rankings
▪ Increased traffic/subscribers

For better engagement, create a newsletter, with Mailer Lite, they have many video’s you can watch to help you create it.


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