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How to become happier

How to become happier means that we need to take at look at how we view the world, even amongst the political angst. It’s really about how I feel about me.

As we age, we tend to become more aware of ourselves and our viewpoints.. I guess I’ve been aware or knowing that self-development has always been important to me. I always want to present and be a better me not just for other people, it’s just who I can be for me. With this in mind, I find I can get along with people better.

One of the things as you can tell I’ve been about Kindness, I reveal in my interview with Leigh, that I used to wonder why kids were so mean, that if I became a psychologist, I would learn why. We all have our own challenges, to become happier I believe that we just need to accept who we are and praise ourselves, especially when it comes to building up our own confidence by installing a cheerleader.

Over the past few months I’ve been looking for employment after awhile it began to wear on me. Then one day, I decided that I’m not going to keep applying for work. I’m just going to reach out to people and ask if they know of anyone who “has customer or employee engagement issues, in their business or workplace?”

Of course I’m still promoting being kind to others in the process, when I talk about being kind to others, it’s also about me being kind to me.

  1. Take the time out to meditate, be still, quiet
  2. Praise yourself – “I am enough” this will help knowing that you are enough, you don’t have prove to anyone about anything. You are smart, intelligent, beautiful, handsome, wonderful, or what ever you want to keep telling yourself.
  3. Listen to upbeat messages or video’s
  4. Volunteer someone can always use an extra had
  5. Be grateful for what you have already
  6. Affirm who you are – and affirm the kind of work you want, you have
  7. Be kinder to yourself – when we quit beating up on ourselves, others will quit too!
  8. Believe in yourself. Don’t believe people who say you won’t find that kind of work or that kind of place to live in this town.
  9. Have fun! Go do something that you like to do for you
  10. Join my 30 day Kindacts Challenge starting Oct 1, 2019.

If you would like to share your kindacts just post them here as a comment or on the Facebook page. Love to hear your stories.

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