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How to Become the Talk of the Town

How to become the talk of the town, here are 20 tweaks to improve your web presence and become known.

Every once in a while it’s nice to have someone to review and give you feedback of what could be improved. I recently offered the artists in the Art Marketing Group some help with their sites. Here’s what was exposed:

1. What do you want your visitors to do when they arrive?

  • Do you ask them to take off their coat and stay awhile?
  • Subscribe to your RSS or newsletter?
  • Ask them to do something like view your gallery?
  • Take them to your check out?
  • Do you make it easy to leave a comment – I have noticed on blogger that you need to be a Google member which really isn’t to your benefit
  • Do you have clear instructions of what you want them to do..

2. Make sure all your links are working

  • When you ask your guest to click on the picture for more information, make sure they are taken to the page with more information not to the front page unless the more information is there
  • Test your links before you post them

3. How can your visitors contact you?

  • Do you have a contact form on your site or information how they can reach you?

4. Is your site easy on the eyes to read?

  • I don’t know why so many designers and artists need to have dark backgrounds – they are hard to read, either increase the font size or change the color of the background
  • Is there a flow to your site..I noticed some people do add a site map to help find everything

5. Are you focused in what you are offering or writing about?

  • Stick to one topic or service that you are offering, then your message will be heard
  • Describe clearly what you do, why you do it, what you like about what you do to help your visitor understand who you are

6. Other Tweaks

  • Do you have share button so people can share your site, with a Like, Twitter, or Bookmark it?
  • Is your site interactive?
  • If you are showcasing your art – be sure to write up a description. of what is your medium, what inspired you don’t be lazy about this,  if you are not very good at writing get some help.
  • Is your site ready for a re-design or re-model?
  • Are you refreshing your site by adding new content?
  • Share why you like what you do, add video’s, pictures
  • Have a page about where you are showing your art next
  • Have your peers re-view your site every once in a while

Most of the things that I found missing could be corrected with a few tweaks then they would have better results. Artists aren’t immune from confusing information that people give them.

Some of them think they need a static gallery as their website..however they know that a blog really helps them have more engagement. This is one thing what I find about artists they are very helpful, creative and are willing to share their knowledge and wisdom. I feel honored and proud to be working with them.

This was a comment posted by one of the artists…

Group: Art marketing
Subject: New comment (60) on “Do you want some help with your Blog or Website?

Mari-Lyn, suggested some things for my website, I followed her lead,  positive things have resulted from following your advice for me a blog.

A NYC artist who participated in prestigious museum exhibitions in NYC and now does artist career coaching has, just this morning, included a link to my blog in his emailed newsletter! If I hadn’t had my blog cleaned up via your suggestions this may not have happened.

Do you want feedback or a critique with your Blog or website?

Ask your peers..or leave a comment..go to the Art Marketing group and ask! If you decide to join this group, pleased read and understand the rules of the group. Most of the members have been together for a long time.

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