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How to Boost Your Sales

How to boost your sales is about finding other ways to create more sales and upsells.

Do you find yourself doubting your dreams and how you can make money?

Many creatives that I know feel the same way, they want to do more, make more money just don’t know how to do it all. I think it’s just because we can’t see the trees through the forest, all we see is the jungle. We get overwhelmed with all the information that is available and give up. I was just talking with a friend, we both do similar things to help people network, get business, and yet as she said, “I know so much that I know nothing.”

Do you find that people give you excuses not to buy from you? My question is what are you doing to market yourself? What kind of messages are you communicating? How are you communicating? Are you even asking?

Procrastination gets in our way in getting more sales. We need to be more resilient, and not taking no personally. All sales is about is educating your customers of what you offer and showing them how it can benefit them.

When presenting art, it all becomes a personal taste. However you can still find your audience and present to them what you have and what extra value you can offer to them.

Many years ago, I came up with this idea of putting together a series of workshops for Artists, to help them do their marketing. I gathered a few gals that were in the Art business, to present the workshops. The group was divided, three of us wanted to charge and make some money the other three people said, we shouldn’t charge. What I have learned in my years of business is that if we don’t charge or put a dollar value on what we are doing then no one else will value us either. It’s not our job to make the decision for someone else.

I decided to create another workshop series for Artists. We all need to work together and help each other, who else is going to, if we don’t? There are customers waiting for you; to have your products and services. They want to say “Yes!” If you aren’t showing up, then they are going somewhere else. 

Develop a sales strategy on how you plan on getting more sales – online, offline or?

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