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How to build strong relationships

How to build strong relationships with your customers. Here are some great answers from other business owners, just like you.

Rick Sax from Credit Repair Law Firm Chartered
Well, we have found over our 15 years that there are several minor things that go a long way. Customer service, 1st you need to actually listen and let them tell you their pain, only then will you build trust. Answer their calls and let them know that they may call anytime. Clients’ that do not have enough education of your process, product or time needed is normally the culprit of their dissatisfaction.

Coren Weiss from Inner Creations Inc
Availability and follow through! These two items go a long way in securing trust and forming a bond between you and your client!

Budget Mesa from Budget Self Storage of Mesa
By showing them that they are “NOT” just a number, that they are actually humans who need your service. I believe that if you can position yourself to accompany the client by treating them with respect , honesty and trust your business can grow just on reputation.

Robert L. Gordon from Law Office of Robert L. Gordon
Finding a way to go beyond the basics of providing competent, responsive service or a properly configured widget so that there is a personal connection. It can be as simple as discussing your children’s college choices or as involved as showing up on a weekend with a chainsaw to help remove some fallen tree branches. People want to do business with people with whom they like and respect on a personal level.

Gayle Morton from Innova Spa
Customer service is job #1!” Ford said it years ago and I totally agree. I also think being an authentic human being is super important. If you’re trying to sell someone a product, you better have personal experience with it and really believe in it yourself. I can only sell a service or product that I have used myself, because I have genuine personal experience with it. I can honestly tell people what I think, how I feel, what the pros and cons are and what I really believe about it, only if I have experienced it myself. So whatever you’re selling, you better know what you’re talking about, because if you don’t and aren’t being genuine, you’ll be found out. The damage you do to your business and reputation aren’t worth that one sale. Happy customers come back for repeat business and they tell their friends. Friends listen to friends and happy customers leave good reviews. Honesty counts, big time!!!


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