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How to create a memorable business with Kindness

How to create a memorable business with Kindness, is having the courage to embrace it as one of our values, we will then become more valuable and profitable.

Shel Horowitz said “Let’s bake in profitability together.” It’s embracing more of who we are, value based, to help each other, when we join mentorship groups, networking with the intention of giving first, the profitability is with the relationships and connections we make.

How do we do this?

By becoming a value based business. If you aren’t now,, it’s time to pivot.

One of the biggest things we can do is: Have the courage to step up to create a Kindness Clause in how we run our businesses and treat people. As a small business or solo business this is our advantage over bigger companies, as we can shift faster.

Putting kindness into your business operations, by developing a Kindness Policy – for your customers, employees, vendors and whom ever you do business with.

Once you make a commitment to be a kinder business, you’ll be making more profits, better connections and relationships.

Pledge that you will always seek a kinder option in your decision making processes both professional and personal. “You Will Not Protect Your Brand over and above the Well being of People.”  This means, people before profits. If this seems too hard, then good, you are on the right track because seeking the “Kinder Option” is deciding to take the path of most resistance and that almost always requires courage to deliver ambitious outcomes derived by a thinking outside the box approach.

Create Kindness Initiatives:

* Put kindness on your next agenda or meetings, what you stand for, kindness on your website, brochures, business cards.

* Invite people to give classes on dealing with Bullies, Mental health crisis’ implement the ideas your community has given you.

* Do a volunteer day in the community, this will give your business exposure while you are doing good.

* Out Networking? Introduce yourself to all the wall flowers. You’ll be surprised of the great connections you’ll make. If you are a wall flower, introduce yourself to other wall flowers or shy people.

* Have an appreciation day – invite people to join you for a customer appreciation event. Work with other local businesses to create a day together.

* Have a nice party, invite nice people and network

* Share stories of Kindness at a networking meeting- both received and given, this is how Will Glennon started before he published the “Random Acts of Kindness” books. People wanted more stories. It inspires people.

* Put into place Kindness Hero Awards – I created these in 2001, nominations came from people in the community, I had volunteers who sat and decided who would receive a Kindness Hero Award. I then, went out and presented them with hearts (that I made – clay hearts) to show how much they are appreciated. You can do this too! If it’s too much work for you, you can join me when I accept nominations in October 1.


If you want to have a memorable and profitable business, it’s time to embrace kindness as one of your values. There are 7 ideas to help to do get started.

What things have you adopted, in creating a memorable business?


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